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Brain Exercise & Creativity Test-Can you read me-

Too many people are having difficult with these exercises. It may be a lack of training in critical thinking and problem solving.

The motto of this website is –Spot the creative mind-

Smart minds exercise daily and eat healthy foods.

My focus is on building a better world; t

To build a better world, you have to be a problem solver.

To be problem solver in this world you have to be a visionary leader.

Because of the difficulty some are having identifying the sentences I have posted an article on another website explaining the process; and sharing the story that inspired the creation of these exercises.

You can read the story in Exercise # 090

I hope it helps and you can begin enjoying the exercises, but you must still expect a little challenge.

Brain Exercise

The 28 letters represent a five-word sentence.

If you have a creative mind, try to identify the sentence without reading the post.

Otherwise, enjoy the exercise after viewing the post.

1st Clue

9 + 2 + 5 +2 +10 = 28

2nd Clue

1 9 2 8 3 7 4 6 5 1 2 1 5 2 4 3 1 2 1 10 2 9 3 8 4 7 5 6

Identify the sentence


Copyright 2018 Courtney Devonish


  1. That was about time!? Its a concept, and can be learned, yes.Logical? Yes, as soon as you come inside the inventors brain, it all seems logic.That is both the weakness and the strengt with fx. IQ tests, that they are suited to fit a certain reality. Mathematics and numerology have always been one of the strongest realities. I am wondering if intelligence and creativity can at all be measured without it?? Thanks again for straining my mind, and seeing my weaknesses. I am still curious about this 8 year old…..


    1. The 8 year old will be fine, keep the athletic training up, and have some fun vocabulary competitions between the three of you, It will motivate him.If you have not done it yet, go back and start from N0 1.Please keep me in touch; Mathematics, music, art and exercise and the creative brain takes over. Have fun, Good to hear from you. Blessings.


  2. Firstly you have got me absolutely stumped lol
    Brain Training is just so important and we do critically overlook it.
    I work in the corporate wellbeing space and I am curious because I had not previously thought about Brain Training as part of your daily work practice. What do you think? And what would be an ideal time or exercise? I think your site could really help though I would be happy to share some of your stuff if you like?


    1. Thank you, early morning over a good breakfast is a great time. I will be happy for you to share the exercises.They are not as intimidating as they seem, let me walk you through a process. You are given the number of words, and an equation that matches the numbers of letters, use that equation to create a space between the letters  and the rest of the puzzle is easy, you can almost read the sentence or at least some of the words. the second set of numbers is the pattern for the words, a 1 means that is the first letter in a word and so on, the words are in the correct order so the rest is easy, you  should find the sentence in less than 30 minutes. have another try and send the answer to me. appreciate it. This will improve your problem solving skills. Also try # 90 on the site and win a heart.


  3. Brain exercise is something I never thought of before. I find it an interesting area and would want to gain more knowledge on.
    I like what you said, ‘Smart minds exercise daily and eat healthy foods.’
    I am very conscious and mindful of what I eat. I always try my best to stick to a healthy diet.
    However, I haven’t done anything in terms of exercising my mind. I don’t want to lag in terms of solving problems.
    I can’t wait to read your next post!


  4. Hi Courtney, I loved to read your post it really was super interesting. I love the idea of not only working out physically but also mentally. I think that this is an awesome idea and way more people should do them. We need more posts from you 🙂 Keep it up.


    1. Thanks for the comments, did you try the exercise, please do and tell me if you think it is too difficult; If one understand the clues, finding the sentence should not be too difficult.


  5. Oh my god, Courtney!!!
    I LOVE these things so much! It was great!!!

    It took me a while to get it, but in the end, I succeed! Yeey! 😀

    I was subscribed once to Lumosity. This is an application for daily brain exercise. I loved it. Brain exercise is super super important, and I love doing them. I also encourage my kids to activate their brain. Giving them all kind of riddles to solve. Will give this one to my son now. Let’s see if he manages 😀

    Thanks a lot!!!


    1. Thank you Anna ; I am happy with your enthusiasm. Do you think the exercises are too difficult, I am seeing this comment and I did publish a post explaining how to make the effort easier, I want the exercises to be fun but not too difficult, so I will be revisiting some of them.Please give me your opinion.


  6. I give up, I can’t do it. Which means I am going to have to go to your other article to find out how to use your clues.
    I have always thought myself as a good visionary person – good imagination, but poor creativity is my limitation. I expect it shows here, in my inability to solve your puzzle. And this worries me even more so, as it is said that the longer you keep your brain trained and well exercised, the lesser the chances of getting dementia later in life.
    Just before I switch to your other article for more help, can you tell me though: you mention 4 words to make up the 28 letters, yet you give 5 word letter counts. Is it all part of the teaser?
    Thank you 🙂


    1. Thank you for the correction ; it shows you are on the ball, the second clue should have given you the sentence. in spite of the error. I use a template that changes slightly according to the puzzle. That exercise was created in the middle of the night and should have been corrected. For that you deserves one of my mahogany hearts, forward me your postal address and I will send you one. Have fun. Do you think the exercises are too difficult, I have changed the format a little to make it easier. Best wishes. 


  7. Alright you have me completely stumped. I love brain games. But I have never seen one like this before. Very unique site. I am going to go back and study it some more to see if I can figure it out. Thank you for the brain stimulate. Are most of your posts in your site exercises like this?


    1. Sorry you got stumped, They are really not that difficult, just calls for a different approach; There are 2 websites with  almost 200 exercises; one has 100 and the other 95, I will eventually have 100 on each and change them from time to time. Some of the exercises are about numbers; the other site with less challenging exercises is-aboutdiabetesnstrokes.com. please send me your comments when you visit the other site.Best wishes.


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