BUZZ BAIN EXERCISE-025-equations

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The start of Anguilla boat race
The start of Anguilla boat race

I have been playing around with the numbers One thru Nine for the past three years; the energy surrounding those numbers is incredible.

Recently I embarked on a new series of exercises and I gave myself the ultimate challenge; can I create nine equations using the numbers One to Nine only?

I was able to create an exercise with ten equations using 0 to Nine only, but after three weeks of frustration, I am giving up because it looks impossible; so I am throwing out the challenge to everyone.

I was able to create eight equations but not the nine, maybe it is mathematically impossible.


Create nine equations using the numbers one thru nine.

The numbers One thru Nine must appear in each of the number-columns as displayed in the attachment.
You can use multiplication, division, addition or subtraction to form the equations.

Arrange the signs and numbers in the appropriate order.

You can win one of my mahogany hearts if it is possible to create nine
Please contact me if you can create nine equations and share your success with the eight.


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