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I am originally from Barbados, attended the Birmingham University School of Education,UK.-majored in Art and Crafts, minor- Religious Education.

Post graduate studies in Italy under the auspices of an OAS fellowship in ceramic technology.

Taught primary school in UK for three years; one and a half as a student Teacher and one and a half after graduation.

Owned and operated The Devonish art Gallery in Barbados-1970 to 1990 and in Anguilla 1988 to present day.

I love athletics- was the college number one sprinter and long jumper- chairman of the charities committee-. a member of the Coventry Race Relations Board; member of the Education Committee- former chairman of the Coventry Overseas Students Association.- former Rotarian and past president of the Anguilla Rotary Club–former Board member of the Anguilla community Foundation.Organizer of the first Anguilla Arts Festival; a fine arts festival with a first prize of US$10.000.00

I am the creator of BRAIN EXERCISES (Number and Word Puzzles.)

I am embarrassed by the fact that my Teacher Training was absolutely free of cost;this website is a way of giving back to Education.

My wife has worked in Philanthropy all her life.

I am sharing my Brain Exercises  for free and hope they will help others, especially stroke victim and also provide resource material for teachers to help spot creative minds and enhance critical thinking.

I have been self-employed for most of my working life. I have four children, two boys and two girls. one daughter is a first year Doctoral student in clinical psychology, the other a professional choreographer , dancer and event organiser in Berlin;.one son is an artist and the other a marketing manager in the music business.

Take a walk through the Devonish Art Gallery and my brain exercises for stroke victims
The Brain Exercises on the websites are free; in the hope they will help others.