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Anguilla Beach
Anguilla Beach

I am introducing the word maxplication to the field of Education.

After my stroke in 2013, I set about designing Brain Exercises to keep my mind healthy.

During the recovery period i find myself designing more challenging Exercises,among these Exercises was a creative Chart that would challenge one’s critical thinking and cognitive function.

Weeks was spent trying to find a name to adequately describe the chart, which challenge you to find the maximum amount of numbers than could be multiplied by the two thru nine times tables using the design of the chart.

Finally I came up with the word MAXPLICATION, right away a red line appeared under the word and still does, because it is a word that has never been used and is not in the dictionary.

After you attempt one of my exercises you will begin to grasp the significance of the word MAXPLICATION.

The chart multiplies one to nine-digit numbers by one to nine.-123456789 x one to nine.

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