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Anguilla Sunset

There was no Art, Music, or Physical Education on the curriculum in my High School.

The Headmaster was obsessed with Academics; students who were interested in those subjects lobbied him, but to no avail.

We did have a basketball court, but you only had time to play if you lived in close proximity to the school, or during lunchtime.

The school comprised students from all over the Island who had to rush to catch school buses as soon the school bell rang.

Can you believe it? Three of the top sprinters on the Island were schoolmates. One of them went on to win the Mr. Universe bodybuilding Title.

During my first month in Teachers College, my physical education Tutor recruited me for the athletics team after I won a 100 yards dash.

The best sprinter in the college at the time came in second, poor fellow! He cried; we never became friends

The only time I had raced before was on the beach in Barbados,- against my pet dog.

The cricket team automatically assumed I would be a member of their team, they were very disappointed when I relayed the news that I was not a cricketer, however I did join the rugby team because of my speed.

Are we depriving students from developing their natural TALENTS in places where the importance of these subjects are IGNORED..

ART is very important to creativity, Music and mathematics are closely linked and we all know the importance of physical education for health and LEARNING.

Can someone tell me why these subjects are the first to be dropped from the school curriculum whenever there is a budget crisis? This happens all over the world.

I would not be surprised if we see a complete change in the future, when all the above subjects will form the most important focus in schools,

What impact do you think modern technology will have on schools and other learning institutions in the future?

Almost any information is available today at the push of a button.

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