Born Barbados 1944; graduated from Birmingham University School of Education 1967, CEO of Devonish Art Gallery,Anguilla.Designer of Brain Exercises and Puzzles.Currently residing in Anguilla since 1988.young lady in the photo is my daughter and editor, doctoral university student in clinical psychology.

Word Stitch Please excuse the repeating of this introduction; I would not like anyone to miss out on the introductory exercises. When I was a student at Teacher Training College […]

Anguilla beaches

VISIONARY LEADERSHIP Spot The Creative Mind The future of the next generation looks very challenging, there are challenges concerning global safety, jobs, health, the environment, poverty and corruption in high […]

In a previous article i wrote about restructuring schools and the possibility of reverting to a one room school, Which I experienced during my primary school days in the fifties; […]

Are smartphones robbing the world of creativity? What are the negative repercussions of the Internet? Some of the feedback I am receiving from my Brain Exercises, which are created for […]