Born Barbados 1944; graduated from Birmingham University School of Education 1967, CEO of Devonish Art Gallery,Anguilla.Designer of Brain Exercises and Puzzles.Currently residing in Anguilla since 1988.young lady in the photo is my daughter and editor, doctoral university student in clinical psychology.

Students Cheating In Exams I once interviewed a high school student for a job, who said she had passes in mathematics and English; After the interview I told her she […]

Are smartphones robbing the world of creativity? What are the negative repercussions of the Internet? Some feedback I am receiving from my Brain Exercises, which are created for the sole […]

Creating my brain exercises has been an eye-opener for me. my first discovery was when I asked a maths’ teacher to share some of my numbers brain exercises with his […]

Brain Exercise & Creativity Test – Can you read me Spot The Creative Mind For Smart Minds and Critical Thinkers. Smart minds exercise daily and eat healthy foods. Be a […]