Brain Exercise & Creativity Test – Can you read me Spot The Creative Mind For Smart Minds and Critical Thinkers. Smart minds exercise daily and eat healthy foods. Be a […]

carved hearts

One Free Heart Per Month. Buzz Brain Exercises and Devonish Art Gallery are collaborating to offer one free hand-carved heart each month for the year 2018, to the first person […]

wood sculpture by Courtney Devonish

Brain Exercise & Creativity Test-Can you read me Spot The Creative Mind Be a Leader in tomorrow’s world Smart minds Exercise daily and Eat Healthy Foods This exercise is not […]

Please allow me to share a blog I published recently.-How To Build A Better World How To Build A Better World I have not seen a TV screen since September […]

Solar Energy Challenges

New engineering opportunity Spot the creative mind. Building a better world. Protection against damages caused by adverse climate conditions including hurricanes. An Excellent opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Researchers to be […]

I was looking to start an online marketing business and was amazed at the amount of scams that was floating around. Then I Came Across Wealthy Affiliate By Accident. I […]

A Challenge For The Creative Minds

Building A Better World Coping With Climate Change There is no doubt that climate change is beginning to raise the level of concerns throughout the world. We are seeing devastating […]

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My Apologies for being away from the website for so long, but it was due to circumstances beyond my control. Anguilla was devastated by hurricane Irma on september 6th; 90% […]