Word Stitch; an effective way to learn the dictionary and improve your vocabulary. C. ———-CLASSICISM N. —————–NOISOME U. ———-UNLIKELIHOOD G.—————GLIDE J. V. O. -revision PS. My Dictionary of reference is […]

The Best Way To Improve Your Vocabulary Word Stitch N. U. G. C. N. U. G. C. J. V. O.  C.Ca —  COFFEE N.Na ———-NEPTUNE U. UAE—–UNDER-SCORE G.Ga———-General Of The […]

I sincerely hope these writings will help new parents to provide their children with the best upbringing possible and a healthy, happy, wise and long life experience. My assumption is […]

Love Conquers All My dream is to create a platform for new parents, and those brave enough the be planning a family in the near future. I read an article […]

Building A Better World For Our Children. Support and Protect Your Children’s Future There are many young people today who are afraid to give birth to children; they cannot foresee […]

Prepare your child from Birth for his or her future; In order to teach you must first be educated. When I was in high school, there was a problem with […]

sculpture by Courtney Devonish

Brain Exercise & Creativity Test -Can you read me This is my brain exercise for the month of May; I will be giving away one heart to the first person […]

the next generation of leaders

Teachers should learn to spot the creative minds in their classes. Sometimes they are the disruptive ones, they are bored and do not conform to normal routine. Sometimes they are […]