Best Advice For New Parents.

Prepare your child from Birth for his or her future; In order to teach you must first be educated.

When I was in high school, there was a problem with my eyes, when ever I was asked to read to the class, water would flow from my eyes, the headmaster asked my parents to take me to an eye doctor, who prescribed glasses. I advised my father not to purchase them because I would not wear them. The kids at school who wore glasses were bullied and teased, because the cheap frames were ugly.

My grand mother who was an uneducated woman told me to plant some carrots and eat plenty of them. I took her advice and never had to wear glasses, until now at age 74, I am using readers to read the fine print; that was the second thing I learned about health as a kid, and it was not in school.

The second health tip came from my grandfather, who applied cobweb to a cut on my forehead in place of stitches from the doctor who was unavailable at the time. The cut did heal without the stitches, we never went back to the doctor.

Some young people have expressed their unwillingness to bring children into this world; they are like myself, concerned about the future of the next generation, because of the present atmosphere.


The world is suffering from major diseases and the researchers seem to be slow in generating cures, and when they do, the pharmaceuticals reap rich benefits.

Rising Health care costs are a burden to governments, and the burden is then pass on to the taxpayers, even then the poor are not able to afford the cost of getting sick.

Life hack has listed 8 major health challenges facing the world today



Heart Disease

Alzheimer’s disease




There is enough scientific research and information available to prevent or manage most of these diseases; yet the world has refused to acknowledge the major disease and stumbling block to progress, that disease is the addiction to money.

Poverty throughout the world is probably the leading cause of the proliferation of some of these diseases, yet less than 1% of the world’s population owns half or more of the world’s wealth.

We have closed our eyes and ears to the truth that has been told thousands of years ago; that it’s our food which is the major cause of most of our illnesses, yet we continue to produce and promote these very foods in the name of money.

Obesity is a major factor, and most of the blame can be attributed to poverty and lack of health education. Access to health care is becoming more of a problem, even in this modern age.

Our education system is has a hand in this crime; The fact that I have been through primary, secondary and university levels of education and cannot ever remember receiving one lesson in the health benefits of the foods I eat is evidence of the fact, and it has not been corrected in many education administrations today.

The one thing that does not have to cost money and is readily available at any time, we have not even been educated or trained to make use of that thing called Exercise.

Research has shown that exercising daily and staying physically active can help delay or prevent some diseases, including some cancers, heart disease and diabetes, which is a major problem throughout the world.

Exercise can also help you to maintain a good mood and avoid depression. Being obese or overweight can increase your chances of dying from several diseases including type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancers and other diseases.

Some in leading places of world administration has turned a blind to scientific research that suggest that our lack of understanding and proper management of the environment can be costly both in health and climate change, but the almighty dollar is again prejudicing major decisions.

Natural Medicine is still not taught in many medical schools despite scientific proof that the surrounding plants are our best medicine. The one thing that will force that is when the medicine cabinet is given the back seat to plants, herbs and fruits.

All these issues must be considered if you are to succeed in preparing your child for a healthy, wealthy and wise life.

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