BUZZ BRAIN EXERCISE -053-Creative Thinking Skills

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Spot The Creative Mind

There is a lot of discussion about Critical Thinking. Metacognition and Creative Thinking; To engage in either critical thinking or metacognition you must be a creative thinker.

This exercise will test your creative thinking skills and degree of cognitive function.

There are 10 numbers listed below, there is a definite relationship and pattern to the numbers.
The numbers are listed at random.

Study the numbers carefully and find the order in which the numbers should appear.
When you find the relationship you will find the order.

There is an error with one of the numbers. That number represents a letter.

Identify the error and you will find the number and letter.

The first six numbers also can form one equation and there is a common denominator with the last 6 six numbers and that is where you will find the error.

4, 64, 32, 8, 128, 16, 12, 1, 32, 10, 4, 16.
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