Brain Exercise & Creativity Test # 0100

Spot the creative mind

Can you think outside the box?

Do you want to be a visionary leader in tomorrows world?; prepare yourself here.

I have reached my targeted number of exercises for this website.

However, I plan to change the content of the exercises from time to time.

You can read about the history behind this brain exercise-Can You Read ME

There are a number of letters posted, the letters represent a sentence, the first clue is one of the secrets to the sentence, If you can solve the first clue the words are written in the correct order, but the letters from one word are mixed with the letters of another word.

Solve the second clue and a little strategy and patience will allow you to read the sentence.

Clue No1

5 + 3 + 7 +3 + 8 + 2+ 5 = 33

Clue Ni 2

1. 7.18.21. 9.19. 5, 2. 25. 20. 5 18.15. 5.14. .9.18. 8. 9.5.3

A G R U D N A S I S E B Y T E R O E N T R A S R P N M I R I E C.

Copyright 2018 Courtney Devonish

When I am not creating brain exercise or trying to encourage the building of a better world, I am a fulltme artist and has been for the past fifty years.

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