Building A Better World

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The world is a mess today; we are witnessing poor and corrupt leadership all over the world. Leaders are going to prison for greed and corruption. This happens when it is politically expedient

Leaders are using their political positions to enrich themselves; they are spending money like it grows on trees and then expect taxpayers to cover their extravagance.

The Power Brokers

The power brokers of the world seem to have no hearts; they make decisions that make the poor even poorer and the rich even much richer.

Let me give one example that makes me very disappointed in the power brokers.

When a country is in financial trouble, partly due to mismanagement by governments or world recessions; the first thing the power brokers advise or force is devaluation of their currencies.
protesting inequalities

Devaluation of currencies

Devaluation of a country’s currency forces that country into long-term poverty, Their exports become cheaper for the importers( the power brokers )and their imports becomes more expensive, thus driving them into deeper poverty.

If that country depends on tourism the power brokers dollar is worth more, therefore they can have a cheap holiday.

When a bank forecloses on the average person, who can no longer pay his or her mortgage due to declining economic conditions; you will think the bank will try to help by lowering interests rates for example; no they will rather sell to the rich for pennies in the dollar; rather than assist the poor in keeping their property.

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