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This is a relatively easy exercise if you have creative mind.

There are twelve numbers posted in the grid

If you arrange these numbers in a certain pattern or sequence you will find that one mystery number is missing and one of the twelve numbers do not belong to the pattern.

There are two patterns to the exercise.

Arrange the numbers in a certain pattern or sequence so that one of the 12 numbers does not fit the first pattern.

The first sequence involves six numbers and the second sequence five numbers.

The mystery number is responsible for the second pattern.

Identify the mystery number and arrange the numbers according to the second pattern.

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image-Anguilla evergreen; symbol of BBE.

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  1. Quite interesting! I am not good at this exercise, I guess it take some training. I loved your about me and why you do what you do. I look forward to learning more about brain exercise and how it can help me and even my family. I will have to practice for sure, and maybe next time I visit I will understand the exercise. Thanks!


    1. Thanks for viewing, the exercises on this site are more about critical thinking, play around with the numbers a little and your cognitive skills will ignite.Try the other site, the exercises are a walk in the park.


  2. Hey Codevonish,

    I had a read through this and honestly, I found this a little bit confusing and couldn’t quite understand it. I think perhaps if you could simplify it to explain the process the post would be more worthwhile. Having images for reference helps the reader to visualise what processes are actually being made in order to solve the puzzle.

    I hope I haven’t disheartened you by this comment. I think it’s really cool that you are trying to promote a healthy brain and it’s something that is beneficial for pretty much everyone.


      1. I was hoping to hear back from you, did you look at the other site, sometimes we must take time and not expect instant satisfaction


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