BUZZ BRAIN EXERCISE -023- equations

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sandy ground AXA

There is an attempt to encourage critical thinking in some education institutions.

The following exercise will challenge one’s creativity and critical thinking.

The three sets of numbers in the grid represents nine equations using addition only.

Find the equations without moving any of the numbers from their columns.

You can only change the order of the numbers to form your equations.

Click on attachment for exercise.



  1. I like your niche on this site. I think the education in schools today SUCKS and we need exercises like this to boost our students’ thinking power.

    I would suggest thought that you should make a picture of the grid so people will have an idea of what you are testing them with. I tried picturing this problem in my head but I don’t really get what equation I need to figure out the missing numbers.


    1. Thanks Ariel, you must click on the attachment. i am yet to learn how to reproduce the same grid in WordPress, which will make it easier to complete the exercises using the grid, I am still looking for the right plugin. You are right about modern day education and i have spoken to many teachers who are frustrated, children just don’t want to think, the want answers at the press of a button.


  2. Thanks for posting this brain exercise I have bookmarked your website. Its imperative that we work to use as close to the full capacity of our brain as possible. With social media and other randomness its easy to not even think much. Websites like yours give the world hope! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you, it is amazing how little we think today and it will get worse as technology develops, someone sent me an email that scared the hell out of me, it was predicting the future and i fear for the next generations as far as jobs ,education etc is concerned, we must stop and think of the consequences.


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