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VR - (222)
This is another warm up exercise and is very appropriate for the goals of this site.

This exercise does not require any specific knowledge.

The grid below contains 21 letters, there are two challenges to this exercise.

1/ Create as many words as possible using the letters in the grid. This challenge is important if you are to complete the second challenge correctly.

2/ The 21 letters represents a four- word sentence-2-3-8 & 8.

Identify the Sentence; you must use all the letters in the grid.

3/ The exercise is based on one sentence, since this site is devoted to the creative mind ; I am offering a third challenge , see if you can create a second sentence from the 21 letters. I must confess I doN’t know if it’S possible.

Obviously you will have to send me your sentences to clarify the answer.

BUZZ BRAIN EXERCISE-30-Sentence-C easy
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