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view of St Martin

This is a warm us exercise.

I am adding C as another level of difficulty; this level will be relatively easy and will serve as warm up excises for the creative mind.

The grid in the attachment below contains 14 letters.

1/ Create as many words as you can from the letters, this is important for you to complete part two successfully.

2/ The letters represent a three-word sentence- the three words are made up of 3, 3 and 8 letters. Identify the sentence. You must use all the letters in the grid.

3/ Since this site is devoted to the creative mind I am extending another challenge. Can you create a second sentence from the 14 letters and you will receive one of my hand- carved hearts.

You will have to email me your sentence to determine if you were able to create a second sentence using all the letters.

Click on attachment for exercise.