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/>Anguilla boat race

Last night was a tough night; I was up watching the situation in Bangladesh unfold.

After very little sleep I woke up trying to change my focus and this exercise is the result.

This is a relatively easy exercise for the creative mind.

The nine numbers represent the answers to nine equations.

Find the equations.

The equations must contain the numbers one thru nine twice.
Example=1×4=4. 6×5=30

Copyright 2016 Courtney Devonish

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  1. This is defiantly a brain buzzer in every aspect.
    Me not bein all that good in math I would take years trying to complete problems like this one. Where did you get from or did you come up with it on your own?
    Do you have any thoughts on becoming a teacher in the near future maybe a higher leveled teacher like college. You are very smart and could teach this to people and create a smarter kid with every student you have.


    1. Thanks, the exercises are my own creations, i am a trained primary school teacher,but am now giving back since my training was free and only I only exceeded the bonded time by 6 months.This exercise requires critical thinking and knowledge of the multiplication tables, Please have another try and give me some feedback,even if you can only create a few..


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