BUZZ BRAIN EXERCISE-040-numbers-Endurance

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good morning AnguillaThis is my first exercise using two-digit numbers.

It is a real test of endurance, I intended it to be a warm-up exercise but unfortunately it turned out to be a much more difficult exercise than I had anticipated.

There are two grids; the first grid contains a list of numbers.
Arrange the numbers in the second grid so that the tens and ones sub-column contains the number one thru nine in any order.

The exercise is not as easy as it looks.

The exercise is designed to have at least nine numbers repeated.

ON this first warm-up attempt the only rule is to see what is the lowest number of repeat numbers you use to complete the exercise.

The exercise is designed to have nine repeat numbers.
The rules will change in subsequent exercises.


Image: Anguilla Sunrise


  1. While I don’t find too much enjoyment out of this, i can see how it would help lots of people, it is a bit overwhelming though and all the exercises are pdfs so maybe insert them in text on your website? i dunno seems ok, titles are a little weird and not really eye catching


    1. Try to recreate the exercises on a columnar pad or recreate in word, It is difficult to submit in wordpress as you might not be aware.This is a challenging exercise, you may find joy in looking at the exercises on I understand perfectly, read a little about the site and you may wish to take up the challenge.Thanks for visiting.Best wishes.


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