BUZZ BRAIN EXERCISE-045-problem solving

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ARE YOU A CRITICAL THINKER? Tomorrow’s leaders must be critical Thinkers.


Put on your thinking caps; this is an opportunity to test your creative skills and ability in an exercise of critical thinking.

A must quality for tomorrow’s leaders.

A particular bar tender was overheard boasting how much extra money he was earning from his job and not from tips.

The owner of the bar was overheard boasting about how efficient a monitoring system his bar was operating under, that it was impossible to steal; his stock control was full proof.

A friend of the bartender who overheard both conversations told the barman what the owner of the bar said. The bartender confided in his friend that he was not only able to earn extra money but his fiends were able to drink for free.

How was the barman able to beat the owner’s full proof monitoring system?

The barman’s claims were substantiated.

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