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Research by the Critical Thinking Foundation has revealed that Critical Thinking is not presently being effectively taught at the high school, college and university level.

However in my opinion, but there is some talk and a recent drive to fill the void.

From the Critical Thinking Foundation-

A well-cultivated thinker gathers and assesses relevant information using abstract ideas to interpret it effectively,

Comes to well reasoned conclusions and solutions, testing them against relevant criteria and standards.

Thinks open-mindedly within alternative systems of thought.


There are ten numbers, one of the ten numbers is Unique .

Study and analyze each number to find the unique number and explain why it is unique.

12 15 27 32 45 56 60 64 72 80

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  1. I can’t figure this one out! I tried and tried again. I tried adding them up, multiplying them, and doing all sorts of stuff. You are righnt, we are not thinking critcially anymore! Or is it just the fact that I had a long work day and my mind is flat> In any case, what is the asnwer?


    1. Hi Ben, Do you have kids or young relatives? If you do give them the challenge, i will prefer give you a clue rather than the answer, send me a request via the contact form, Other people will see the answer here and defeat the purpose.


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