Buzz BRAIN EXERCISE 056-refresh-maxplication chart

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The first buzz brain exercise on the website featured a maxplication chart, which is simply a minimal chart showing the two to twelve times table. Remember Maxplication is a word I created.

During my primary school days the multiplication tables were featured separately on the backs of every exercise book.

During my one and a half years as a student teacher and my one and a half years as a qualified teacher in England the tables were still featured separately as 12 separate tables on the backs of exercise books.

There were no computers or calculators in schools in those days -1962 to 69.

Sometime between 1967 and 69 I designed the multiplication chart with a class of 9 to 10 year olds; not knowing there was a chart that existed in history.
It was many years later that I observed the multiplication chart, as we know it today had replaced the old tables on the backs of exercise books.


This is an exercise in creativity.

Study the format of the chart in Buzz Brain Exercise 01 and redesign the chart showing the same information.

Be sure to fully grasp the concept before attempting to redesign.

Do not return to the original chart until you have completed your version.

When you have finished, please email me your version as a PDF attachment.

Courtney Devonish 2017

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