BUZZ BRAIN EXERCISE-059- Maxplication chart

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Buzz Brain Exrcise-01 featured my maxplication chart, this exercise revisits that chart, mainly because some people are having problems reading the chart.

This Exercise shows the complexity of the chart and how instrumental it can be in the classroom.

The grid below is a version of the minimal chart that multiplies the numbers one thru 123456789 by two to nine. The answers are shown in 17 rows and 17 columns.

Find the answers to the posted multiplication exercises by giving the row and column where the answers are posted. This will indicate an understanding of the chart’s design.

Or can also be creative and find the answers from the chart using simple addition as in example 2

Example: (1: 9 x 2 = rows 16 & 17,columns 2 & 3=18.
(2) 1263 x 2
2====4 + 1==5

Complete the following exercises, giving your answers in the format shown in the example 9 x 2.
b- 324×3.
c.- 275x 4.
d- 1362 x5.
e -26754 x3.
f -345286 x 6

BUZZ BRAIN EXERCISE-059 chart & exercse-maxplication chart

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