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Spot the Creative Mind.

Be one of the leaders of tomorrow.

This exercise is about cognitive function, creativity, critical thinking / problem solving; the exercise requires patience and deep thought.

Recently I have been reading about Machine Learning,/Deep learning,- Artificial Intelligence.

What path are we creating for ourselves? We don’t want to work anymore. We don’t want to drive anymore, we don’t want to write any more and so on.

All the above scenarios create they own problems; who is going to solve them?

Be one of the human problem solvers left; this exercise will test your skills.

The numbers must be studied carefully.

You don’t have to be a genius to complete this exercise; you can do it if you had a foundation course in reading, writing and arithmetic. But creative thinking must be an added skill in order to solve this problem.

In todays world we expect answers at the press of a button, we lack the patience to stop and think; but this is a skill and discipline that leaders must have, If we are to solve the ever increasing problems of the future world.

This is what I refer to as the 360 learning formula.

The Exercise list nine numbers; All the numbers seem to bear some resemblance; but one of the numbers is a stranger amongst the group; there is something about this stranger that does not apply to the group.

The challenge is to find the number that is the stranger to the group and explain why. In other words find out why this particular one number is different from the other eight numbers.


48. 84. 90. 96. 108. 198. 36. 60. 24.
Copyright 2017 Courtney Devonish


  1. Interesting article. It is true that humans are getting lazy or at least impatient and want everything right away. I personally like to try to use my mind and body more organically and do things for myself, as is nature (seems strange to say that while I sit in front of a pc). One thing I noticed right away about the numbers is that 48 seems off since all the other numbers can be put into sets of like 2nd digits and same amount of digits. Is that correct?


    1. There is little chance of seeing the answer right away unless you are a genius; spend a little time and investigate; but you are thinking. Thanks for trying.


  2. I believe that 84 is the stranger to the group because it is the only number that can be divided by 7 wholly as the other numbers can’t.

    In other words 7 x 12 = 84, the other numbers don’t divide as a whole like 84 does, 7 is also a prime number which means it can’t be divided by any positive numbers; only by itself and 1.


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