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Brain Exercise & Creativity Test – Can you read me

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For Smart Minds and Critical Thinkers.

 Exercise daily and eat healthy foods.

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PS: can you read me- is a series of exercises where the introduction is repeated; but the challenge in each exercise is different.

This exercise is based on one of my most memorable experiences as a primary school teacher in the late sixties.

One of my eight year old students was considered a slow learner and his writings were considered gibberish.

The class was given an assignment to write a composition on the emotion- Hate.

The supposedly slow learner came to me with a big smile on his face and asked me to read his composition; of course it did look like gibberish,

“Sir let me read it for you” and he proceeded to read what was the most brilliant piece of writing I had ever seen from any student.

My headmaster thought I was playing games; “none of the children in this school are capable of such writing”, he declared.

After some investigation it turned his family belonged to a religious order that was anti-social except for among their own members

T also had the highest IQ in the school.

He engaged in creative patterns to all of his writings.

The letters below represent a sentence except there are no spaces between the words and there is a creative pattern to the words.

I am having great fun creating these exercises and exercising my brain at the same time; I sincerely hope you will have just as much or more fun than I am having. Good Luck.

Can you read the four- word sentence.

The eye is just as important as the brain.


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