BUZZ BRAIN EXERCISE -39-numbers-Endurance

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Anguilla sunrise from my balcony

I was looking for a new angle to one of my series of exercises that anyone who can count and has cognitive function can successfully complete, but would undergo a vigorous brain workout.
My thoughts were occupied with this challenge for weeks; then an idea came to me in my sleep.
When I am creating an exercise I must first complete the exercise before publishing. This exercise took two weeks to complete.

This is a vigorous brainwork out. Complete the grid so that numbers one to nine appear in each row and each column as demonstrated in the first row and the first column.

Each row and each column must contain the numbers one thru nine in any order. You cannot repeat any individual number. You cannot place two of the same numbers in the same column. View 657 as 3 rows and 3 columns-hundreds, tens and ones
Two of the same numbers cannot appear in the same sub-column.


image -Anguilla sunrise from my balcony