BUZZ BRAIN EXERCISE-49-Problem solving

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This is too important an exercise for me to pass it over.
We complain about working and still not able to cover the cost of living.

We complain about the big salaries at the top and starvation wages at the bottom.

We see the huge profits being posted by corporations yet the employees are being paid minimum wages.

We talked about the 1%, as opposed to the 99%, we held demonstrations.

Now is the time to let your voice be heard.

What changes would you like to see?

What hourly wage would you like to see for the minimum wage?

Should the minimum wage be linked to the cost of living?

Should there be a ratio between the highest paid and the lowest paid worker?

What are your thoughts on an universal basic income?
Please send me your comments.

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  1. I like the idea of you post. You are encouraging the use of our mind in the answering of the questions that you pose.

    Economics is certainly a balancing act.
    On one side I feel that anyone that works a full time job should not make a yearly salary that puts them below the poverty line. On the other side, as an employer there are certain skill levels needed for many different jobs, The lowest skill levels are going to be paid the lowest wage.
    It is the employees job to know what the skill levels are and what the wages are for each job. It is then their responsibility to acquire the skills needed for the wage they desire.


    1. You need to elaborate further, the garbage cleaner might feel his dirty job requires a higher salary than an office manager, we have to throw out the current accepted values.Think in terms of Profit and how you share that profit. Should the guy at the top earn $2000 and the guy at the bottom$10 when he needs 100 to survive.Start on a new platform.


  2. It would be lovely to first start seeing the bosses thank their employees for their hard work.Sometimes a simple hand shake can make an employee feel valued and appreciated.

    I would like to see the minimum wage be linked to the cost of living.However, I wonder if something like that would happen at my job.

    These are brilliant questions that you have asked.I have bookmarked this site and would love to see the responses that you get.



    1. Thanks for your participation in the discussion; I am surprise if Bosses do not offer thanks. I think minimum wages should be linked to the cost of living but the culture of huge profits and big salaries at the top will have to change; if you have any other suggestions don’t be afraid to revisit.


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