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There is no doubt in my mind that with the evolving of the 4th industrial revolution the next generation will have to be creative problem solvers.

Critical thinking and spirituality will be the watchwords for tomorrow’s leaders.

This exercise is one of a series that offers training to enhance the ability to think critically.

Nine numbers are listed below; eight of the numbers have something in common.
One number is a stranger in the group or does not fit the bill.

What is it that the eight numbers have in common? Explain in a couple sentences.

Which number is the stranger in the group or does not fit the bill?

Explain why it does not fit the bill

Don’t give the numbers a blank stare, ask yourself questions, are they linked by any of the arithmetic signs, addition etc

Copyright 2016 Courtney Devonish
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  1. I believe that the number 64 is the number that stands out. Every other number that is in this list of numbers seems to me to be a multiple of 6? The reality is that all of the numbers you can divide by six. However, 64 dos not fit that bill. It misses being a multiple of 6 by 4 and can’t divided in that way. Am i right??


    1. congratulations,-correct, out of curiosity how long did it take you to arrive at the answer. i just posted one that has a prize for the first person to email me the answer. Best wishes.


  2. I love do puzzles like these. So here’s my conclusion:

    All of the eight numbers can be divided by 3 and 6.

    The odd number is 64 as it’s the only one that can not be divided by 3 or 6.
    How did I go?

    I believe mental exercises like these help you brain keep active and healthy which can reduce the onset of dementia and alzheimer’s in old age.



    1. Thanks Shane, congress you got it right, i hope you continue to try the exercises and send me your comments. How long did it take you to get the answer.?


        1. Incredible,try exercise 033 and let me know the time and answer also.


  3. The odd one out from what I can work out is ??. It is the only number in the sequence that can’t be divided by 6.

    When I went further down the page I noticed others had already responded and my answer was correct.

    I like these type of problems so will do more of them on your site.

    Thanks for the challenge



    1. yes , i must find a way to hide answers from others seeing them, you will notice i removed yours. best wishes, keep trying, i just posted a new one.


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