Buzz Brain Exercises A I-New

Test Your Spelling and Vocabulary

This exercise is an experiment for a much bigger project.

Can you imagine sitting in a room with friends and family engaging in a fun game, regardless of the number of persons.

This word game is a follow- on from over 200 brain exercises I have designed for 2 and

The game is simple; there are 14 letters posted, the letters Q, X, Y and Z are wild cards.

The game is one of several brain exercises I have designed to test both spelling and vocabulary.

You don’t have to be in the same room, you can play on your computers or tablets where ever you are; Share the exercise and allow a maximum time of one hour to complete the exercise, and post your scores.


Let’s call this the deck

Give every player a copy of the letters posted-The deck.

  1. How many words can you form from the 14 letters using the wild cards ; the wild cards can be used until exhausted; and remain in the deck until then; unless you use the true letter for a word; for example if BOY is one of your words, then you must remove the Y from the remaining deck; if RAN is spelt – RAY, using the Y as a wild card, then the Y stays in the deck.

Remove the letters from the list as you use them to form a word.

Exhibit your knowledge of foreign languages if you can, you can include a maximum of 3 foreign words but you must give the meaning of the words

3. Can you make a three or four-word sentence from the words you formed.

The exercise must be completed within one hour.

No external help from books, documents, electronic deices or any other source is permitted.


1. Three-word sentence -10 points

2. A four-word sentence-15 points

3. 1 point for each letter you use in a word.

The winner of this exercise is the person with the highest points

Please share the exercise and your scores with your friends, family and on social media.

Relief mahogany sculpture by the artist.

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