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Learn The Dictionary From Cover To Cover

I am experiencing a sense of guilt;! my teaching experience lasted only 2 years after graduating from Birmingham University School Of Education, also known as The Canley Teachers Training College(Class of 1964 – 67.)

Guilt stems from the fact that all my Teacher Training was for free, including a financial grant to cover cost of books and 3 years living on Campus with free meals. Those days are long gone.

Maybe I should have stayed in teaching, I am enjoying creating this course and would have done back then, in the sixties and seventies; but the Art magnet was too powerful.

Word Stitch was designed originally as a word game to test ones spelling and vocabulary. There are two aspects to the game, one is the game itself, the other aspect is teaching a student how to develop and enhance his or her vocabulary, by reading and learning the dictionary from cover to cover.

This word game would make an interesting TV game show, a powerful teaching tool in schools and colleges, and a party game at family and friends gatherings.

Before you attempt this exercise, I am encouraging you to prepare yourself, spend a day or two reading and learning a given set of words beginning with set letters of the alphabet.

Did you know that C has the most pages of words of all the letters in the alphabet, followed by S and then R in third place.

My Dictionary of reference is the Merriam Webster dictionary.

The course begins with the easiest, shortest and possibly the most difficult words, words beginning with the letters X. Y and Z.

In my copy there are only 5 pages to read and learn.

When I was a student at Teacher Training College, we were sent out on teaching practice in the various surrounding schools. One of the most important things our Tutors looked for was our -Lesson Plans- A successful lesson needed proper planning, and if you failed teaching practice the entire 3 years went up in smoke.

Unfortunately, I quit teaching after only teaching for two years after graduation; however I taught as a student teacher for one and a half years prior to entering college; even as a student teacher I was given a class of first year juniors, without the supervision f a trained teacher, so I can rightly claim three and a half years of teaching experience.

I was never taught how to learn the Dictionary-during my days in primary or senior schools; nor can I recall ever teaching it during my three and a half years as a primary school teacher.

Our method for enhancing the vocabulary was mainly by reading and conversation.

Word stitch will be used as a tool to improve the vocabulary by reading and learning the dictionary from cover to cover.

The plan is to read and learn all the words in the dictionary from A to Z. It is important to follow the course in chronological order from the very beginning, Exercise 1

You must first read the words selected in each lesson out loud, then repeat reading them silently.

Have a notebook ready to write down the new words learned, and learn their meanings.

Practice makes Perfect

Be sure to use the new words learned in your everyday conversation and writings when ever the opportunity present itself.,

As you progress try to write some short stories or paragraphs using your improved vocabulary.

Share the exercises with your friends and family, and arrange the periodic competition to find the vocabulary zhar in your circle.

Word Stitch

Read and learn all the words beginning with the following letters




All pages.

1. x. x. x. x

2. y. y. y. y

3. Z. Z. Z. Z


How many 3 word sentences can you create  using the letters X. Y. Z. in any order

X. Y. Z.

Example- Zero Zulu Zebras zigzagging

Remember this is a learning exercise, studying the list of words in the dictionary is very important.

Read the words out loud first, then repeat reading them silently.

Keep a note book to write down any words you did not know the meaning of.

Practice using the words in your daily conversation with friends and family.

The plan is to offer an average of 18 pages of study per exercise, with a few revision exercises.

To take full advantage of these exercises and read the dictionary from cover to cover, one should  complete the exercises in chronological order.

If you happen to discover the course at an advanced stage, It is advisable to  go back and start from the beginning.

In my estimation, if I publish one exercise per week,  it will take about 65 weeks to complete the course; and I assure you of  mastering your vocabulary beyond expectations.

Brain Exercise

Brain Exercise & Creativity Test # 073-numbers

Copyright 2019 Courtney Devonish.

Images-Hand carved by author of Word Stitch  and Artist Courtney Devonish


  1. Whao! This is indeed a critical brain exercise .Word stitch is a brain widening exercise I love to engage myself in. Unfortunately,I have no idea about how to play it. I do hear from my colleagues how interesting and additive it is. My busy schedule doesn’t allow me to learn it very fast. I wanted to learn from this review but I couldn’t get it. I think I’ll have to start from elementary section. It is a wise idea to exercise our brain. This will boost our brain and make us think special and different.


    1. Don’t fret, the following exercises can be well within your vocabulary, Browse through the dictionary, one letter at a time- all words beginning with D for a start. Thanks for the visit.


  2. English is my first language and I still have trouble speaking it, lol

    I have just made this awesome game for my family and they really love it so thanks for giving us all a great game to play on those boring nights when there’s nothing on the TV

    I think that the 4-word sentence that I have beginning in Y might be OK, but I’m not quite sure!

    You Youthful Youths Yelp

    How was that, was it OK?


    1. Yelp You Youthful Youths; Great. Thanks for making it a family game. future letters could be much more fun and less challenging.Have fun.


  3. Definitely a fun way to utilize critical thinking, something we’re not taught these days in schools. I was a little confused until I saw the example for the letter ‘z’ and thought to myself this would be a fun activity to try, especially in my free time, as it beats mindless internet surfing, gaming and other activities that might hinder and not build brainpower. Now I just have to find my dictionary. 


    1. Thanks for visiting; keep in touch with the website, the exercises will enhance your vocabulary and give you fun while doing so. Best wishes.


  4. Hi there, this article is superb. Was going through the entire content and found it so useful and interesting especially when it comes to enhancing the spelling power of our children.

    How do you install it? Has it to do with an app? Reply back on how this amazing word game can be given to our children in the family.


    1. I was planning an app, but will reserve it for now; This is so simple, just write the letters on a piece of paper, read the rules, give an example and they can play anywhere, do not even need a device. Loot out for future games designed specially for enhancing the vocabulary. Have fun.


  5. Thanks Courtney, when playing games in our home, we engage in monopoly, cards or other board games. My children could be on this till way past midnight. To temper down the competing spirit I was thinking of getting us a complicated puzzle game. This game of words has really come in handy. I even tried making some phrases: 

    Your yellow yoghurt 

    Younger youths yelling 

    Yearning yummy yams! 


    1. No need to invest in a game, this is simple and fun, and its a great learning tool. Have fun; thanks for visiting.


  6. This is a nice game. You’re right about it being good for teaching. There’s alot of new words you can pick up like that. I just took a look at the x-section. So many words I had no idea even existed. Many of them seem to relate to scientific terms which are related to Greek and Latin languages, so that makes sense. I guess a few variations of this game could go by just looking for words that have the specific letters in them (and not just the beginning), or even going for words that end on those letters (instead of beginning).


    1. Thanks for visiting, you might make the game too complicated, stick to the simple rules for now and move on to more difficult challenges when you become a master. Best wishes. Many English words has either Greek or Latin derivation. Enjoy.


  7. zebu zig zag zones

    xray Xerox xoanon Xamir

    I am hooked. These sorts of puzzles are right up my alley so to speak.

    I will be revisiting your website to find more of them.



    1. Thank you, see my latest blob on how to prepare yourself for learning the dictionary, great for any word game. Please send me some feedback. Have fun.
      Best wishes


  8. Hello Courtney; very interesting article, especially as I have an age in which the brain must be trained every day. To avoid losing memory and thinking. Unfortunately, I am not an English speaker, can I play this game? If not, what do you recommend in return? Is this game good and to avoid Alzheimer’s?
    best regards


    1. Thanks for visiting, Yes you can play word stitch; what is your language? can you please email me your alphabet and I will help you. Hope to hear from you soon.



  9. Free anything is long gone now. Students have to pay tuition fees, have loans for living expenses and work if they want to eat.

    Love the game, anything that helps train the brain is a good thing in my book. Great to use as a family game too. Must admit I love word games and love seeing how fast I can think of them. 

    Will try this out with the family, we could all learn new words.

    Thank you, interesting post.


    1. Happy to use my teacher training; it’s a way of giving back as I only taught 2 years after Training College 1967 t0 69.Please send me some feedback after you have played with the family. Enjoy.


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