Introduction – -The Best Way To Improve Your Vocabulary

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Learn The Dictionary From Cover To Cover

I am experiencing a sense of guilt;! my teaching experience lasted only 2 years after graduating from Birmingham University School Of Education, also known as The Canley Teachers Training College(Class of 1964 – 67.)

Guilt stems from the fact that all my Teacher Training was for free, including a financial grant to cover cost of books and 3 years living on Campus with free meals. Those days are long gone.

Maybe I should have stayed in teaching, I am enjoying creating this course and would have done back then, in the sixties and seventies; but the Art magnet was too powerful.

Word Stitch was designed originally as a word game to test ones spelling and vocabulary. There are two aspects to the game, one is the game itself, the other aspect is teaching a student how to develop and enhance his or her vocabulary, by reading and learning the dictionary from cover to cover.

This word game would make an interesting TV game show, a powerful teaching tool in schools and colleges, and a party game at family and friends gatherings.

Before you attempt this exercise, I am encouraging you to prepare yourself, spend a day or two reading and learning a given set of words beginning with set letters of the alphabet.

Did you know that C has the most pages of words of all the letters in the alphabet, followed by S and then R in third place.

My Dictionary of reference is the Merriam Webster dictionary.

The course begins with the easiest, shortest and possibly the most difficult and least used words, words beginning with the letters X. Y and Z.

When I was a student at Teacher Training College, we were sent out on teaching practice in the various surrounding schools. One of the most important things our Tutors looked for was our -Lesson Plans- A successful lesson needed proper planning, and if you failed teaching practice the entire 3 years went up in smoke.

Unfortunately, I quit teaching after only teaching for two years after graduation; however I taught as a student teacher for one and a half years prior to entering college; even as a student teacher I was given a class of first year juniors, without the supervision f a trained teacher, so I can rightly claim three and a half years of teaching experience.

I was never taught how to learn the Dictionary-during my days in primary or senior schools; nor can I recall ever teaching it during my three and a half years as a primary school teacher.

Our method for enhancing the vocabulary was mainly by reading and conversation.

Word stitch will be used as a tool to improve the vocabulary by reading and learning the dictionary from cover to cover.

The plan is to read and learn all the words in the dictionary from A to Z. It is important to follow the course in chronological order from the very beginning, Exercise 1

You must first read the words selected in each exercise out loud, then repeat reading them silently.

Have a notebook ready to write down the new words learned, and learn their meanings.

It is important that you use as many of the new words learned in your sentences or headlines.

Practice makes Perfect

Be sure to use the new words learned in your everyday conversation and writings when ever the opportunity present itself.,

As you progress try to write some short stories or paragraphs using your improved vocabulary.

Share the exercises with your friends and family, and arrange the periodic competition to find the vocabulary zhar in your circle.


  1. Wow, that is amazing! It’s a fantastic brain exercise that everyone could benefit from especially small children and the elderly who are dealing with brain-related challenges. It reminds me of Scrabble, except this is a four-word sentence, not just words. Is this a board or computer-based game? Of course, I was not able to play on for an hour as I didn’t have that much time, but even then I could feel as my brain started tuning in.  Well done on creating this FUNtastic exercise! Thank you.


    1. Thank you Kimberleigh, you just gave me a great description- FUNtastic; there are plans for a computer- based, plus there is a second card game that is also FUNtastic if I may borrow.Have fun and post me a score.


  2. This is an amazing idea for recovering stroke victims.  My dear friend is recovering from a stroke that left him speech impaired. I believe his difficulty in speaking could improve with constant stimulation of the brain playing Buzz Brain Exercises -Word Stitch.  A creative idea with great potential for healing while having fun.  Well done!


    1. Thank you, the times I tested it with my daughter and her immediate family were great fun and laughter, particularly with the headlines, a little unsavoury language in between.What was your score?


  3. So happy God gave yu a second chance after that stroke 🙂 We learn from everything! 

    This does look like something that makes your brain function. haha I hope my child learns from it; will be great for this summer. Oh, especially when I am busy and she doesn’t want to do work I give her. haha  


    1. Thank you for visiting, I did not see a score. it is a great party game with friends and family. Give it a try.


  4. This is a very interesting post and a healthy exercise too. I tried my hands out on it and these are the results of my attempts:

    Fight your own pains.  Free your odd personalities. Feel your own people. Free your odd pasts. Fail your olden penalties. Fulfill your own promises. 

    i hope I tried a little with these that I came up with. Thanks for this brain teaser.


    1. Thank you for engaging, did you try the -any order; you should be able to do better than 6 ; the headlines should increase your score.


  5. Hi Courtney. This exercise is one that i am going to steal for my group of friends. I tried it with your letter and got 9 in the same order and 25 in any order. My favourite is” Follow your own path”. I am a game and puzzle fanatic and I enjoyed this. Best wishes


    1. Please feel free; i like your quoted sentence, did you take note of the time, see if you can reach 25 in the set order. Thank you for the effort. It inspires you to grow your vocabulary, especially of verbs.


  6. I have a stroke victim living here in this house. She had a stroke almost 10 years. Thanks for sharing your website with us.


    1. Thanks, Happy to do so,Exercise daily and don’t give up; Be aware of what you eat.


  7. Thanks for sharing your website with us. I would like to learn about some more brain exercises. I think I would need it. How do I help someone who had a stroke? I know some people who had a stroke in the past. Some survived and others passed away.


    1. Thank you for visiting and your interest;  having a stroke is a scary experience; that is why I started –– There is plenty of information and cognitive function brain exercises to help one fight their way back to a better level of health. The exercise has been of tremendous help to me personally. Stay well.


  8. My attempt: Friendly, yet overwheight princess. I like that you want to help stroke victims. I mean, on my own, I’d probably fail and give up after 30 seconds, but besides stroke victims this game can be used for family evenings and family trips with the kids. You don’t need no expensive monopoly set, just a piece of paper and pen. I like it. I’ll definitely try to play it with the kids.


    1. Thank you, they say the best ideas are the most simple. Enjoy and do keep me up to date with scores when you do play.


  9. I think it is awesome to be able to create simple mind, brain exercises. Most of us now days, know someone who has had a stroke and is working hard at recovering from it. Just myself, I know two people close to me that have had strokes. One is recovering quite well and the other one is still at the accepting stage. I will try to recommend your site to help with their recovery.



    1. There are also great just as brain exercises for all, as a way of keeping the brain healthy; thank you for sharing with your friends.


  10. Hi!

    This is fun! I love brain exercise like this, especially for people who have anything to do with writing. I will continue and share with you later. I think anyone can play this game all the time.

    But the amazing part is that you flip the situation to your advantage and was gracious enough to share it with the whole world. You were not broken down but got back into the game. Good for you!


    Thank you very much!


    1. It is a game that can be played anywhere at any time , great for family gatherings, a boost to your vocabulary, if you dig deep it’s amazing how many sentences you can create.Thanks for visiting; will love to hear your score.


  11. Fantastic Post Of the Year (F.Y.O.P. rule2).  I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. A great exercise for our brain. I’m really glad to read this fun based puzzle this morning. 

    Surely, I’ll suggest some school students to apply their brain, that would be the wonderful creative exercise for them. 

    Thanksa lot for sharing this fun. I very much look forward – For Your Other Posts (F.Y.O.P. rule: 1) 🙂 


    1. Thanks for  engaging, Can you create at least 10 sentences ; I see five words not four if that was meant to be a sentence, can you turn it into a headline?Have fun, I really did have a fun family evening when I was trying to test people’s reaction.


  12. Courtney,

    What a wonderful idea!  I found your example to be quite challenging.  I like to play brain games because there is a history of dementia in my family and this is an excellent way to test for it.  I’m concerned about my mother currently.

    Do you have any other games?  I like word games because I am always the one at work to polish up other people’s work for publication, but you headline building game is very challenging for me.

    I also like that you believe creative thinking to be a learned skill.  Too many people don’t believe that and so don’t exercise their own potential.




    1. Thanks for  the response.”Use it or loose it” We must exercise the brain as we need to exercise the body for good physical health.There are plenty of brain exercises, some quite simple using the alphabet.; please give me some feedback.


  13. Hello Courtney,

    Fantastic Post Of the Year. A great exercise for our brain. This is fun! I love brain exercises like this, especially for people who have anything to do with writing. I will continue and share it with you later. I think anyone can play this game all the time. You were not broken down but got back into the game.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this fun. I will suggest some college students apply their brains.


    1. Thank you; it is a fun game can be played anywhere anytime and with many people. check the 5 words, make it a headline. Of the-2 words; please share with your friends and send some feedback. I did respond a couple days ago but the Internet must have been down. Have fun.


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