The Thinker by Rodin
The Thinker by Rodin

Teachers should learn to spot the creative minds in their classes.
Sometimes they are the disruptive ones, they are bored and do not conform to normal routine.

Sometimes they are attention seekers hoping someone will cater to their needs.
There are not many but they must not be allowed to fall through the cracks.

I only taught for three and a half years but there are 2 students I have never forgotten.
One student I was told was a slow learner and to be patient with him because he would demonstrate SOME odd behaviour.

I could not read his writing, it looked like gibberish but the style of handwriting defied logic.

There was an incident in class one day that caught my attention.
T raised his hand at an inappropriate time.
“Sir I know you think I am crazy but I am seeing a green dot on that wall and there is nothing there; come see for yourself”

Sure enough we all went to where he was sitting and sure, there was this green dot. What did not register at the time was the RED circle on the other wall

This is a class of eight to nine year old students.
That was our homework for the rest of the week; I did not cover this in my schooling.
It was my introduction to kinetic Art and Eye and Brain- the psychology of seeing by Richard Gregory.

My Headmaster thought I was crazy when he saw the book on my desk.
This incident puzzled me more, and forced me to pay T more attention.

The moment of truth came when we were writing about emotions.
This time we were writing about HATE.
T came to me smiling.

“Sir, can I trust you, promise me you will not show this to anybody.”
He handed me his exercise book; it still looked like gibberish to me.
“Let me read it for you”
He read one of the most brilliant pieces of composition I had ever seen from a student of his age.

He wrote about a Kindergarten Teacher he absolutely hated.

He had worked out a formula; his writings started in the middle of the page then went to the right, then to the left and back to the middle.
When I showed the Headmaster his rewritten composition, his remark was “No one in my school is capable of writing that”
The long and short of the story, T had the highest IQ in the school;not to say a high IQ always mean a creative mind.

Apparently T’s parents were members of a religious sect that prevented him from having a normal social life with other students.

The only reason he was in school was because it was illegal to keep him at home.

Please share your similar experiences.

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  1. Interesting read. Sometimes the structure of the education system can be beneficial. But it would be wrong to say that the current structure benefits everyone. Schools claim to encourage creativity, but still stunt it in the rigidity of the curriculum and the expectations placed on students to conform.


    1. Why would it be wrong? we can save lives and money and help build a better world for your children and the next generation.


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