Creativity Test #104-How smart Are You?

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caribbean art by Courtney Devonish

Spot the creative mind

Exercise daily and adopt a plant-based diet and grow old graciously.

The world has been going through some drastic changes, but education and the format of schools have not kept pace with those changes.

If you read my posts, you would be informed about my views on the subject.

We are consumed by the digital age, that little electronic device has become our 24-hour companion. We are becoming unable to survive in this world without the use of some electronic device.

People are living longer and they need to learn how to grow old graciously.

We need critical thinkers and visionary leaders in the field of education to prepare the new generation how to better manage their lives in today world.

I am hoping this exercise will test your creativity and help prepare you for visionary leadership.

Can You Read Me


The equation is a creative clue.

The letters represent a Task you are being asked to complete.

Read the line of letters and complete the task

Equation 10 + 7 + 7 + 3 + 5 + 4 = 36


Copyright 2018 Courtney Devonish


  1. I like the general message in the post. What do you think about posting a link to one of the best examples of your ‘views on the subject’?

    Also, have you adopted a plant-based diet? If so, how did you find the transition period? What is the most challenging part?

    Apparently I’m not very creative as I can’t even think of a possible solution to this test. Does the one line with a period on it have something to do with the test or is that a typo?


    1. Thanks for the suggestion; yes I have adopted the plant -based diet and only eat fish no meat or chicken.I was a lover of goat meat and lamb but has never been tempted; You will have to forward the line you are referring to, but did you understand the equation?The exercise is challenging but not too difficult.


  2. Interesting. I agree regarding our educational systems. Life is changing, new developments are happening regularly… but our schooling systems (on all levels) stays the same. It is a great concern. Most schools are teaching learners the same way as it was done 70-100 years ago.
    I was trying to solve the exercise with no success. Most probably, I did not spend sufficient time. But I will come back since I want to check other exercises as well. I think it is a great idea to create such site. As for myself, I wanted to have more information before approaching the exercise 104… but I will be back.


    1. Thanks for visiting.there is a small effort to change the system believe it or not Uganda and Norway is working on it 

      California is also making some attempt but much of the world is the same old thing.


  3. I agree with all the things you said. Since people live way longer than a century ago the difference is actually more than 10 years. So we need to exercise our minds better and way more often. You mentioned critical thinking do you know any good source to improve it?


    1. That is why the exercise is there; completing the exercise will improve your skills. Try it and send me some feedback.I can walk you through it if you have problems.


  4. hello grandpa Courtney

    First I check the equation-> nothing wrong with that equation-> then I look at the word’s line below-> I tracked from left to right number 10 would be the letter “M”-> and follow the number of equation-> we will have “M,I,I,D,E,E”. Also the sum number 36 is fit with the number of 36 letters below ->….nothing…don’t understand

    ….Shout!!! When I track the letter’s line from RIGHT TO LEFT-> now it’s make sense. Following the method above. Number 10 it would be D, and so on-> that equation would be the words “D,R,E,M,I,A”-> what is the word meaning? Hmm….Dreamy? It costs me about 10 minutes to figure out….but….my answer is wrong?

    However, I don’t agree much with you since this exercises could be the same pathway…sorry I didn’t take a look other old exercises -.- ,and this could be train one individual brain for being more creative. This method can not apply to everyone. My thinking for creative is getting around to creative people -> it would be the best practical way. Want to be creative-> hanging around with creative people group.


    1. Thanks for your efforts and patience, the exercise is for creative people who will investigate; I think you will find the  brain exercises on aboutdiabetesnstrokes more to your liking.


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