Creativity Test #105-How smart are you?

Spot The Creative Mind

Develop your critical thinking skills.

A healthy body need a healthy mind

Adopt a plant-based diet.

In the process of designing my brain exercises for spotting the creative mind, I came up with a chart that multiples up to nine numbers by one to nine.123456789 x 9. 12356 x 8. 45678 x 5, 123 x 4 etc.

You should read my blogs and try to engage in my numbers exercises on the buzz brain exercises website.

The chart is a development from the current one to 12 multiplication tables that is used in all schools and on the backs of school exercise books.

For your information I designed that table during my student teaching career in England 1963 to 64, before entering Teachers College.

Before graduation in 1967, my Headmaster came to the college and asked me not to apply for a job, because he wanted me to return to the school to teach the first form juniors.

The multiplication table was used throughout the school; bear in mind there were no computers at that time, and the two to twelve times tables were printed separately on the backs of exercise books.

There were 12 tables instead of the one that is currently used.

It was an experience at this very school that inspired the brain exercise –Can you read me.

Can You Read Me

The letters represent a sentence.

First you must discover how many words are in the sentence, and how many letters are in each word.

The final job is to read the sentence and perform the task.

The exercise is not as hard as it looks.

Clue. 6 +3 + 4 + 12 = 25


Copyright 2018 Courtney Devonish


  1. Really interesting subject matter you cover! I’m intrigued by the idea of tests that would “spot” creativity in the first place. I’ve come to believe that creativity is ultimately what separates good from great workers in pretty much every field there is. So I think you’re circling in on crucial matter of the human intellect. I must read more!


    1. I was hoping for the answer.Did you try the exercise?please do and get back to me.


  2. I find tests like this interesting, because I can’t do them. I can’t do crosswords, or figure out riddles either. I make my living as a creative person. I’m an artist, a sci-fi fantasy writer, and always score high in logical and creative reasoning and pattern recognition. I’m also pretty good at math in general. I can dream up entire universes complete with their own unique laws of nature, indoctrinated social customs, and developed mythology in about a day. But I can never get my mind around creativity tests like this. I just get hung up on things like the simple fact that those numbers do not add up to 27 (they add up to 25, which I assume is part of the clue, but . . .).

    I’d be curious if you have any insight into why I have such a problem with things like this? Am I just over thinking it? I’m also not a visually oriented person, and you mentioned this was based on multiplication charts, which tend to be visual, so could that have something to do with it? What do you think?


    1. You are smarter than you know; first thank you for spotting the error which I corrected, the number is 25 not 27 but it should not affect the answer, Are you a good speller, if you separate the letters according to the equation the rest should be easy to spell out, You might be making things more difficult than they really are, If you spot that error you can do this exercise. You are a creative thinker. Confidence might be a problem. Have you ever been checked for any learning disabilities that smart people might have? You are definitely an exceptionally smart person, Did you check the letters to verify the error.I would love to keep in touch with you. Thanks for visiting. What is your medium in Art?


      1. I’m actually a terrible speller. I’ve never been checked for disabilities, because I always did really well in school and never had any social issues. But it actually wouldn’t surprise me if I had some kind of focus/attention issues going on. Confidence might be an issue, too, but I really think I just over think things. I did not check the letters to verify the error, because that’s the whole problem, I can’t get a connection between the letters and the numbers at all. It interests me, because it’s the same thing that happens when I try to do crosswords. My brain just doesn’t want to see a connection between the clue and what the clue is trying to point at. When it’s explained to me, it all makes perfect sense, I just can’t get myself to think that way. I do pen and ink/calligraphy art, and then yarn arts like knitting and crocheting.


        1. Art,Music and Maths are closely linked to smart minds.Art is the greatest motivator. Have you ever been checked for Dyslexia; If not read up on it there might be some tests online. Do you have a website for your art, and if you have not joined this platform, here is your the link below and if you need any help in building an art website please let me know.


  3. Hi there my friend,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing those exercises and your own story and experience with us all, and the mind busting “EINFEDHETRDOWTACNOILIPXMA”

    I must admit you have me very intrigued and as far as I am I am pretty close “Define The Word” but the last part I can’t quite get “TACNOILIPXMA”

    How am I doing so far?


    1. Thanks for the brilliant effort; If you read the test and some of my exercises; you will find the word; it is not in the dictionary, it’s a word I created for some of my brain exercises. You are one inch away. send me the word.


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