Creativity Test#106-How Smart Are You

Do You Exercise Daily?

What is your knowledge of the nutritional value of plants and herbs?

I was thrilled to learn via BBC about the collaborative effort of academic researchers from Uganda and Norway to help develop critical thinking skills in schools.

It is especially important in this digital age and fake news. The education system has not changed much in almost 100 years; With the development of the Internet we n longer need to look to books for information to regurgitate.

This can be an exciting time for learning through research, discovery and creativity; I am happy things are beginning to change in different parts of the world including California USA where there is a move to introduce a fourth R- Research.

This exercise is a test of your creativity; The format for the exercise was inspired by an experience as a primary school teacher in England during the sixties.

Can You Read Me

The letters posted represents a sentence; there are no spaces between the letters and the words are misspelt.

1. Find out how many words’ are in the sentence.

2. Find the sentence and send me a little feedback to show your appreciation for the sentence.


8 + 3 + 5 + 3 +5 = 24


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