Creativity Test & Brain Exercise# 071-numbers

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We are becoming too accustomed to getting everything at the press of a button; a high scholl math teacher told me recently that children don’t want to think anymore; they do not want to look for answers, they want to be given them.

This exercise calls for some creative thinking or as is sometmes labelled criticall tkinking.

The answer to this exercise calls for careful examination, great cognitive function and a smart and creative mind.

There are 10 numbers listed.

The first 5 numbers are listed in a set order or pattern; That order is key to the answer to the exercise.

The last  four are part of the same pattern but are listed at random;; plus one number is missing. from the pattern.

Find the missing number and place the last five numbers in the correct order.

There is a set pattern or order to the 10 numbers.

Identify the pattern or order and you will find the missing number.


5  8  10  9  17  28  21  36  29

There should be 10 numbers; find the missing number

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