Creativity Test With Buzz Brain Exercise-070

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Develop your brain- power with a numbers exercise

Spot The Creative Mind
Buzz Brain Exercises are created to foster leadership among the youth; who will be facing difficult challenges in the future.

We will need creative thinkers and visionary leadership to help solve the problems of the future world.

This exercise will require deep thought and creative thinking.

Simple Arithmetic skills are required.

The numbers listed can form an equation with a particular answer given; use the selected numbers to form the equation with the given answer using the arithmetic signs multiply, divide and subtract only.

There is a pattern to the use of the numbers you have to use to arrive at the correct answer;

Find the pattern and finding the answer will be easy.

64 = 40

Replace the question marks with the appropriate numbers and arithmetic signs;

Every question mark represent either an arithmetic sign or a number.

Use the Division sign twice. Multiplication sign twice and Subtraction sign twice twice to arrive at the answer.

64 ? ? = ? ? ? ? = ? ? ? = ? ? ? ? = ? ? ? ? ? = ? ? ? ? = 40

Copyright 2017 Courtney Devonish


  1. Hi, it’s hard to understand what you explain, I mean when you explain how to do the test or maybe I’m just me in fact hehe, even though I think the features you mention about leadership are necessary to ensure a better future.

    With nothing more to say I send you my most cordial Greetings.


    1. The exercises on this website are challenging and requires time and strong effort. If you are interested in much less challenging exercises take a look at the exercises on Thanks for your effort.


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