Buzz Brain Exercise 078 -numbers

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How Smart Are You? Here’s a Challenge.

I thought I had exhausted the energy of the numbers zero through nine.

After hurricane the Island was and still is without electricity; the days were long and the nights long and dark; there was no radio or television, which created opportunities for creative thinking.

New energy for the numbers one through nine was found, the result is a new series of brain exercises which I plan to post mainly on as tests for cognitive function for stroke patients and for use in schools and home schooling.

Before I introduce these exercises I would like to offer a challenge to the creative thinkers.

The Challenge-number patterns

Create 9 rows and 9 columns where the numbers 0 thru 9 appear in each column and each row in some form of numerical order.

To achieve this you must use a mathematical equation formula where the numbers are related to each other in the formula.

The numbers can be in any order, but there must be a numerical structure.

The exercise is based on number patterns and would involve the numbers 0 or 10, 1 or 11, 2 or 12, 3 or 13, 4 or 14, 5 or 15, 6 0r 16, 7 or 17, 8 or 18, 9 or 19.

This exercise calls for a formula that is an equation; but when the numbers 11 to 19 are involved you must only use the last number, for example if you are adding 8 + 4 =12, only use the 2 and ignore the 1.

This exercise may sound complicated, but it is relatively simple, it just requires careful thought and understanding of the instructions.

If you are having problems feel free to create a conversation with me via the email address.

0 6 1
1 7 2
2 8 3
3 9 4
4 0 5
5 1 6
6 2 7
7 3 8
8 4 9
9 5 0
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