Brain Exercise & Creativity Test # 072-numbers

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I have been creating lots of word games, Time for one of my numbers exercise.

This exercise calls for a little creative thinking.

The exercise is an equation involving the use of addition and subtraction only

You are given the first and last numbers of the equation.

You are also given four other numbers that make up the equation, but they are listed at random.

Complete the equation with the following four numbers using addition and subtraction signs only. This is really a simple exercise if you apply a little strategy

The equation starts with the number 14 and ends with the answer 26.

Place the numbers in the right order and with the appropriate arithmetic signs to give you the answer 26

Remember you can only use addition and subtraction.

Example 1 + 9 =10 + 5 = 15 – 3 = 12 -4 = 8 + 6 = 14

This is a great problem solving exercise.

27 22 21 25

14 ——————————— = 26

Copyright 2017 Courtney Devonish

Umbuia wood carving-nautilus

Did you know that when I am not creating Brain Exercises I am creating Art?


  1. Ok I give up! I love doing brain teasers like this and I’ve just spent the better part of a half hour trying to figure it out but the closest I could come up with was 23. I even tried formulating the problem and still got the same results. What is it?!


    1. Sorry but I cannot understand where you get 23 ;, the answer is not a number; it is an equation that starts with 14 and ends with 26. look at the format at the example startings with 1—. you must use the four numbers with the + or – signs. please try again, read instructions carefully.Good luck.


  2. Thanks so much for this post! My husband is a math teacher and I am going to have him present this to some of their students tomorrow to see what they can come up with. You’ve got me thinking! I was drawn to this post because like you, I am an artist. It incredible how much art and math go hand and hand!


    1. Thank you for offering to share the exercises with your husband,  art, music  and physical education are  key in the learning process, yet whenever there are cuts in education they are the the first subjects to be cut.Iam now advocating health education, financial education and computer literacy to be added to the 3 Rs. I am a trained UK teacher by the way.


  3. I have to admit that i have juggled these numbers up and either way you will end up with an odd number.I see there are 3 odd and 1 even logically it cant be an even number. If you invented this math problem than you are a very clever person. But i will continue to ponder on the problem again.


    1. Thanks for trying, just study my example and try to form an equation using the numbers posted until you get the answer =26 .it doesn’t matter odd or even numbers you just add or subtract.for example 21 +  4 = 25 – 2 =23 . It’s a continuous this case if I had posted 21—– =23 and gave the number 25 you would have had to find the numbers + 4 & – 2. Good luck.


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