Creativity Challenge- Buzz Brain Exercise -069-max chart-numbers

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This is another exercise in the creative energy of the numbers One To Nine.

The chart multiplies the numbers 123456789 by nine with relative ease.

The chart is an excellent exercise for testing and enhancing cognitive function in stroke victims.

The chart is also an outstanding vehicle for creative teaching and learning in schools; it sets out the mechanics of multiplication.

The chart can be a useful tool for both teachers and students.

The chart offers a great opportunity to spot the creative mind.

I have been creating brain exercises using the numbers one thru nine for the past four years; whenever I thought I had exhausted all possibilities, there comes a new burst of energy that prolongs the fun.

Test your cognitive function. Were you able to spot the fact that the chart multiplies both 98 and 89 by 9?

Demonstrate that you have a full understanding of the chart by finding the answers to the eight exercises posted in the grid.

You must use the grid to find the answers- (no electronic devices)

Creative exercise.
How many individual numbers can the chart multiply by nine?

Please make your contribution by offering a critical analysis of the chart; I am still experimenting with the format.

To be honest I haven’t tried to find out as yet; but please send me some feedback if you have an answer.

Maxplication Chart – 1 thru 123456789 X 9