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Brain Exercise & Creativity Test -Can you read me

Free Brain Exercise

Be One Of Our Future Leaders.

This exercise is a more challenging than the word exercises posted on my site on health and less challenging than the previous exercise; However it still requires good cognitive function and discipline to complete.

There are 17 random letters posted.

The letters represent a four- word sentence.

The first challenge is to create as many words as possible using the 17 letters posted.

The experience will test your spelling and vocabulary.

The second challenge is to identify the four word sentence.

You must use all the letters posted.

Spot The Creative Mind.
If you are feeling very creative and would like to take on an additional challenge; try to create an alternative sentence using all the letters posted.

I have not done it, so I do not know if it is possible.
If you are able to create an additional sentence please send me an email.

You are not limited to the four words for this effort; but the sentence must make sense and you must use all the letters to create the sentence.

Copyright 2017 Courtney Devonish

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  1. I’d love to be able to give you an answer to the first as well as to the alternative 4 word sentence. But there are a couple of things that make this impossible.
    The first thing is that I am absolute rubbish at this type of games or exercises; likewise, anagrams are not my strong point.
    The other issue is my patience levels, or rather lack thereof. I do not have the patience to spend time there to work out a solution.
    There is no doubt that your exercise will play in favour of keeping our brains well trained and flexible in thinking approach. Maybe who knows, one day, if and when I retire, when I hopefully am going to have more time in hand…
    For now, I jotted down the 17 letters on a piece of paper by my bedside table, and I shall keep giving it a quick glance before bedtime 🙂


    1. Don’t underestimate yourself;,there is nothing difficult to the exercise;  just make up your list of words, remember the structure of a sentence, try isolating some of the words by eliminating the letters from the list; you might see a lot more.Good luck,take your time and when you get it, get back to me.Thanks for trying.


  2. I love these! If it weren’t so late at night I’d probably spend the next hour trying to solve some of them myself, lol! My field is education and these are some great examples of warm-ups and brain teasers to start class with each day. High school level of course.


    1. I am happy to hear that  and delighted to meet someone in education; pleas try them with your students and send me some feedback; the warm up exercises are on aboutdiabetesnstrokes.com; less challenging,and more suitable for primary school, but worth a look.  Thanks ; Happy and successful New Year.


  3. I really enjoyed this buzz brain exercise. I would say that I looked at the letters for around 10minutes.

    I am sad to report though that I had managed to make only 10 words from these letters.

    Can you tell us more or less how many words one can actually make up from these letters? I will try to see if I can get to that target.

    As for the sentence, I ended up not using two letters. You said that all the letters must be used up.

    I will spend more time burning some of my brain cells to figure that one out.

    Love these challenges, keep them coming


    1. Thanks for trying, but there are a lot more words; it is possible to get the answer without a massive amount of words. the words in the sentence are simple words except for the last exercise posted; waiting to hear from you again. you can send me a PM when you get the answer.


  4. I love brain exercises and I love your website!
    I have found around 50 words, but I am sure there is more. As the answer goes, could it be “Fight the good fight” Where the first word fight is a verb and the second is a noun? If this is not a correct answer I will keep trying.
    Also, please tell me if ‘the’ counts as a word. Can’t wait for the answer!


    1. Congratulations .Try the last one posted. you could win one of my hearts; ite my january exercise for the heart; How long did  it take you to find the sentence?; 50 words is a good brain exercise.


      1. It took me around 10 minutes, but English is not my native language. I am pretty fluent, but still that has to be taken into the account. Similar exercise on my native language take me about few minutes.
        But, you can’t compare me to ‘regular’ people who only do this for fun. I am training my brain for 15 years and attend memory and other brain exercises competitions on regular basis.
        Once again, I love your website! As I mentioned via PM, I am working on a similar website. I can’t wait to publish it, and hear what do you think about it!
        Wish ya all the best!


  5. What a unique way to exercise the mind!
    Now I won’t sleep all night trying to figure out the 4 word sentence!
    I could definitely see the value of challenging the brain to perform unique and difficult tasks as we age!
    I somehow think that all the work I do online helps to keep my brain alive and well but this shows me otherwise.
    Thank you for such an original website!


    1. Thanks for engaging , please send me some feedback when you have the sentence, Use the process of elimination remove letters from suspected words and the less letters you have to play with the easier. Try # 084 there is a free heart at stake., 


  6. you really made me thing a bit. I believe I done the easy one.. One day I might work harder. I am not fluent in english so there it is what I have created: Do high tight fete!!! It probubly doesnt make sense,,, however I had some fun creating the sentence:) Thanks for the amazing exercise!!1


    1. Thanks for trying I am glad you had fun; hope you will continue until you reach success.


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