Free Brain Exercise-How smart are you?# 103

wood sculpture by Courtney Devonish

Spot The Creative Mind

Exercise Daily And Adopt A Plant-Based Diet

Join The Force To Help Build A Better World

Are you making a difference in your community, are you a setting an example to the youth in your school, village, on your street.

Do you possess special skills and are you sharing those skills; have you ever been a mentor to anyone.

Do you keep your surrounding clean?

Be kind, honest and upright in all your doings, You could be a future leader and play a major role in first making country and the world a place.

The letters in the following exercise represents a question you should answer and consider.

The numbers posted are a clue to the question and a test to your creative thinking skills.,723.


Copyright 2018 Courtney Devonish

The image on this page is one of my sculptures carved from Anguillian wood which is a species of ebony.

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