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sunrise from my balcony
sunrise from my balcony

I am a UK Trained Teacher- graduated in 1969.

My training was free,and the cost of all books and other living expenses were paid for with a grant.

I am embarrassed by the fact that I only taught  for two years after graduation.

I was paid a student teacher’s salary for the one and a half years , before entering Teacher College.

This website is my way of GIVING BACK; It is dedicated to Teachers,Home Schooling and Teacher Training Institutions world wide

All the Educational Material is free.

However I have acquired a new Domain Name to feature FREE BRAIN EXERCISES  for stroke patients/victims and the  Public at large.Buzz Brain Exercises— & About Diabetes N Strokes .Com—

There is also a website featuring my Art Gallery–
I am a full-time Artist since 1970.

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