Great potential Website for Possible Sale

carved birds
I am interested in selling this website, a lot of hard work and creativity has gone into creating the website. The site is ready for monetizing, with great potential. There are over 100 challenging brain exercises, ready for the right SEO expert.

My lack of expertise is why the site has not been generating income, I am competent the right person will respect the years of hard work that has gone into this website, and would act fair.

The sale will only be to a person who in my opinion can take full advantage of the site and possess the expertise to do it justice.

An interest in building a better world would be a great advantage, honesty and an interest in visionary leadership must be high on the agenda.

Availability of time to devote to the website is the main motivating factor in offering the site for sale;A reasonable offer will be considered.

Courtney Devonish.


  1. Hi Courtney,

    I am sorry you feel you must sell this beautiful website! You HAVE done a fantastic job creating and posting games!

    I am a gerontology education and management professional. As Memory Care Director, I created and used several similar activities for my residents with dementia. One of our favorites was putting the alphabet in large black letters A B C…Z at the top of our white board, then choosing a word such as ail, at, ape to create words. We wrote them down as they came to mind.
    example: Word is AIR
    Bare bear, care, chair, dare, dispair, eclair, flair, flare, hair, hare, lair and so on.
    When a word had different spelling (e.g. their, there, they’re) we discussed each meaning and how to use in sentence.
    Another hit was writing several compound words on the white board in 2 lists and letting participants make the correct word
    Blue dog
    box bird
    sun car
    hot shine

    I would be interested in knowing what a fair price is.


    1. Thanks for sharing, I am finding time a problem, I need to spend more time on my art website as my production increases.Make me a fair offer With the necessary Technology expertise, the site has great potential Thanks for your interest.


    2. Hi Tamara, please send me a private message RE. website, I have a few thoughts.


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