Greed, Corruption, Wastage Mismanagement & Stupidity in 2018

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The Thinker by Rodin

There are constant reports from all over the world of corruption in governments; public administrations or other instutitions that serve the public.

We the people are partly to blame, there is little edividence  that we are qualified to choose the right people for leadership; maybe our judgements are badly flawed.

Would you ask a gardener or bus driver to interview and hire the manager of a financial company?

We have grown to accept what we are told by sweet talking charasmatic individuals; and then we do not hold then accountable.

No woder the practice is to tell the public what they want to hea,r and repeat the empty promises whenever the time for elections comes around again.

Or maybe there was too blatant a failure to fulfill promises, while the current opposing officials has sweeter toungues and better promises,It is amazing that people the world over will elect officials whose very agenda is against their own interest.

We  have to take a careful look of the system of elected governments. The visionary leaders of today must ask a serious question. Is democracy bearing fruit in today’s world?

If  the state of the world is any proof that democratic elected governments works; then they have failed miserably.

 There has been a few isolated cases when democratic elected governments were rejected by certain worldpowers. There were isolated cases when democratically elected governments were overthrown by other world powers.

The system of one man one vote must be re-examined; what if the- one man- is not qualified to make a proper judgement?  as we have seen demonstrated in modern times.

 what if that one man is paid to vote?  regardless to whether he is voting in his best interest or not.

Now lets examine the meat of the matter. The cost of elected governments to a particular public.

There is a hired civil service who manages the public purse; Do they need a group of elected officials to oversee their jobs or just another hired manager who can be fired at any time?

In the case of some  Dependant Territotitories, the elected officials are not the bosses of the civil servants; they answer to a hihger single authority; especially if they are still under colonial rule.

Wastage in Governments. If one was to establish a commission to look into government’s wastage all over the world, I have no doubt that the findings would be scandalous.

It would not be difficult for any reporter to find evidence of wastage and mismanagement anywhere in the world.You can hear reports on news around the world daily.

I would like to propose a challenge to economists anywhere in the world; conduct a thorough study of the cost of Government officials salaries and bonuses,cost of corruption and mismanagment. I am sure even the very officials would hang their heads in shame.

What would be the percentage of the GDP?

My contention is that Greed, corruption, wastage and mismanagement are the reasons the masses world over are kept poor.
I am reluctant to add this paragraph because it also reflects on me; How do you wake up a world public from it’ STUPIDITY; We are still dependent on our slave masters by not cutting the naval string. We allow our economies to be hijacked by the same powers that were; and there is a new more dangerous one around the corner.We continue to tolerate corruption as being Smart. We elect leaders to whip our backsides; all of us.

Let me sum up my point with one example. Why would a third world country surrender one of the largest oil deposits to a first world company for a 98 to 2 share of the spoil going in the first world company’s favor. Maybe we don’t know the half of it.

Visionary leaders around the globe must take a second look if we are to attempt to Build a Better World.

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  1. I feel like this is more about starting a revolution than it is about the blatant stupidity in politics. We all know the corruption is there and yet we turn a blind eye until one of the elite exposes them self. There are a lot of companies that are paying people to do nothing but hold a job title. There are people in positions that they can hardly spell let alone comprehend. It is everywhere, and that is why I like to try to offer solutions to the stupidity when I come across it.


    1. Thanks for your comments; you are right, we do not hold politicians accountable. Just do your bit and try to influence others.


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