How to Improve Your English Vocabulary -17

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Word Stitch,- fast and effective.

Easy Way to Learn The English Dictionary






S. ——————-SHAFT

Please read the introduction for all exercises

Introduction – -The Best Way To Improve Your Vocabulary

1. Create as many 4-word Sentences or Headlines as possible using the letters E. M. W. R. in that order,

2. Create as many 4-word Sentences or Headlines as possible using the letters E. M. W. R. in the order listed

3. Create as many 6-word Sentences or Headlines as possible using the letters C. E. M. W. R—-. S. in any order

When I am not creating these exercises, I am carving wood

This 3 step process will be useful for committing new words to memory.

For this exercise we are learning all the first 18 pages of E, M. W. and the first 6 pages of P ( first 12 pages of each letter should have covered already.

Boost your learning process by sharing with friends and family .

After all have followed the exercise; organize a social gathering and have a competition. The champion is the one who can write the most sentences within a set period; or you can take turns to create a sentence or headline, anyone who cannot create one within a set time, one to two minutes perhaps, misses his or her turn; The champion is the person with the most sentences.

This could develop into a great party game.

Brain Exercise

W # 092-Sentence

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  1. Wow!… that is an intensly different site, which took me some time to work out what it was all about

    Now I see it and because I like this sort of thing ,I have bookmarked it for future reading because it looks very brain sharpening.

    How on earth did you come up with that content, I admire it for what it is.


    1. Thank you Dave, I am a trained teacher who never gave much back, only two  years after graduation, and one and a half before, was out of the classroom since 1969, this is a way of giving back, since my training was free. Go for it, and send me some feedback. All the best.


  2. Hello Courtney, reading your posts is worthwhile and coming from the last time I read one, I tried practicing the word switch on my own, placing various letters and making a sentence out of it. It got to a point I was checking the dictionary for new words that could fit in and bit by bit I was learning some new words. Although I still haven’t used lots of them while speaking, hopefully as time goes on, I’ll be able to blend them in. Best regards.


    1. Thank you for using word stitch as a learning tool, using new words in your conversations is a way of cementing them in your memory, or you can write a paragraph, using as much of the new words as possible.


  3. There are various means at which I can develop my vocabulary of which I’ve been achieving for some time now. I read novels a lot where I pick some new words and some times i could pick up the dictionary to read too. From the way i see word switch, i could be a test on the words I have learned and also a means to learn new ones. I’ll add it to my plans and see how it goes. Cheers.


    1. Thank you for adding word stitch to your plans, please send me some feedback on your progress. Good luck


  4. What an interesting site!!  I am not as interested in learning new vocabulary as keeping my aging brain alert and active.  This game is great for that.  There are lots of “brain stimulating” games available but this one is easy to learn and almost limitless scope.  I was wondering if you have suggested this to any teachers.  It would be a great way for kids to build a vocabulary.  Thanks so much for the site.


    1. I am not sure how to reach teachers, I try to share it with some , but many teachers are fed up with teaching. I understand your situation, see my brain exercises also on, designed for just your situation. All the best.


  5. Hi Courtney,

    I really enjoyed reading your article on improving your English vocabulary. I found your tips on learning the dictionary to be very useful. I have found as my age begins to creep up (fifty two), that it is increasingly difficult to get new information to stick. Everything is fine following initial revision, however all information received seems to disappear by the following day. Have you any further tips for people in my position to help with learning? Not just of this, but in general would be very useful. Thanks in advance, Andrew


    1. Learning by doing; find a practical way to absorb any learning, for word stitch, try writing a story and use as many of the new words as possible, or  a paragraph using a selection of the new words, Thanks for visiting. Take a look at my website-, I have an article on foods for the brain, and some brain exercises. Good luck.


  6. This is really awesome, even though I’ve not been following these articles very well from volume 1, I always understand them whenever I come across  them. Improving English vocabulary is something I believe needs a kind of scope and tactics to make it simple to comprehend, just like Word stitch, very effective and interesting. Thaks for the 3 steps process, they will be really useful.


    1. I am happy you find the 3 steps useful; engage you friend and family for a fun time. Best wishes.


  7. Wow, thank you for another edition of the beauty of this vocabulary learning. ts so surprising how far we have come. That’s a very awesome thing and i am very happy that i can really give this a try. I think i have learnt so many new words and their meanings by making use of this exercise. Thank you very much again


    1. Thank you, using the new words is very important, the idea of writing a paragraph using the words is another bonus, Have you arranged a competition as yet? All the best.


  8. Oh, this is another great one for me to try out and i think it is really awesome. I like the way you have written this one here and you are forgiven for the repetitive beginning. I have not had anything doing for a while so taking up the word stitch with my friends will be a very good activity for me to engage in. Thank you for this.


    1. Thanks John, and let me know how was the engagement with friends. Enjoy


  9. Hi Courtney – Interesting post. Something new and a different perspective on looking for creative ways to learn. Like the question; Have you ever tried reading the dictionary from cover-to-cover as you would read a book? Absolutely not! Never crossed my mind. I think it’s a pretty cool way to learn and I also like the idea of turning it into a competitive game to make it fun. Thanks for the post! Best wishes. 


    1. Thanks again Jeff. please share with you friends and family, and organise a competition and send me some feedback. Enjoy


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