How To Improve Your English Vocabulary-18

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Word Stitch,- fast and effective.

Easy and fun Way to Learn The English Dictionary


M. —————-MEWS

W. —————–WING



G. Revise all words

Please read the introduction fro all exercises

Introduction – -The Best Way To Improve Your Vocabulary

1. Create as many 4-word Sentences or Headlines as possible using the letters E. M. W. S. in that order,

2. Create as many 4-word Sentences or Headlines as possible using the letters E. M. W. S. in the order listed

3. Create as many 7-word Sentences or Headlines as possible using the letters C. E. M. W. R. S. G. in that order


When I am not creating these exercises, I am carving wood

This 3 step process will be useful for committing new words to memory.

Boost your learning process by sharing the exercises and at a later date arrange a social occasion for a contest to see who is word champion.

The competition could be at school, college, University, social club, or family circle.

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  1. Amazing article and very innovative. These steps are very useful and can be used by anyone to learn more and more English words and not only. It can, as you said, be used in school, tutorial, home and is used for both young and old. I will definitely use it because I found it very interesting and effective.


    1. Thank you, I am happy you have decided to use word stitch, please send me some feedback, so I cam make improvements if necessary, please share especially with schools, teachers and students. much appreciated,. Best wishes.


  2. Overtime, many people have claimed to know of more effective ways of understanding  and improving vocabulary in no time, I’ve read several as articles claiming this and I’ve come to realize that 97% of these offers are useless and has nothing to offer. This article is well detailed and understandable, word stitch is by far the most commonly used and most effective I think when it comes to improving English vocabulary. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks for the compliment, I too am enjoying the challenge. I hope one day to see an international competition. Enjoy and send me any suggestions that could improve the experience; all the best


  3. Many users of English language just speak with normal background knowledge of it but it takes a good learning and understanding skill to have the proficient knowledge of English vocabulary and this isn’t something that can be done by just sitting and reading random stuffs, this article has done justice to how to get there, word stitch is a good idea. Playing games that challenge your vocabulary prowess also helps. Thanks.


    1. vocabulary skills are a boost to writing skills, especially in poetic language, who knows, might be a plus in a job interview.Organise some games with friends and family. All the best, Thanks for engaging.


  4. Hello, this is a very good one because I see here that you have moved on to the next word which is, in fact, a very good thing here. I didn’t complete the last exercise so this will serve as a reminder to me that I need to go back to it ASAP so I can also partake in this particular one as well. Thanks!


    1. Right move to take full advantage of the exercises, are you challenging friends as yet, if not, please do to measure your success.Go for it, Enjoy.


  5. This is very nice of you, to bring some more words here to the table. I have to say that I am very happy that you have done this post and also shown the way as well. I know that by h=the time I am done with word stitches, I would have so much knowledge of words than I can ever imagine. Thank you!


    1. I am happy to hear of your success, show off your new learning, by challenging friends and family to a contest, after winning share your secret. All the best


  6. Hey Courtney, 

    Thanks for sharing this article and strategy to help increase your vocabulary and have fun doing it. I have to say I am interested in learning more about how it all works, I would love to share it with my 6 year old at some point to help her out as well. Can you send me a link to the very beginning where I can start learning and applying your strategies? Thanks again for sharing this article, it was very eye-opening. 


    1. Thanks for visiting, It will be great to introduce the exercise to your 6 year old, be patient, she is young, but I guarantee you she will have the best vocabulary in her class in one years time. Go for it.


  7. This is completely new to me.I learnt words in a different way. This appears to be a more fun way of learning the English words. I haven’t done the previous exercises and will definitely have a look at it in order to get a good grasp of this.

    This is something can also be useful to senior citizens in order to stimulate the brain. This is great for all and especially for people learning to speak the language. Thanks so much for sharing.


  8. Really great to see this here again. It has been rather a swift process from the earlier stages of following his word stitches and vocabulary  development here. But i feel seeing all these too to be added to it, it is great. One thing that makes me really like it a lot is because of the friendliness of this method to both kids and adults and that is great enough for me. Thanks


    1. You just gave my feelings a boost, Continue to engage and enjoy, . Have you challenged anyone yet? Give me some feedback when you do. Enjoy.


  9. For non-native users of English like me, this program cannot have improved my vocabulary better than what anything else would have done. I started with you from part one and I have been learning alongside you i am still developing myself alongside my wife and son. Hence, this is great to me and I will keep making use of it because I have really improved a lot in my vocabulary development and use.


    1. Bravo, I am happy to hear of your improvement, Take your time, stick with it and you will come out on top. Go fr it.


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