How To Improve Your English Vocabulary 21

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Word Stitch,- Sound and effective.

Easy Way to Learn The English Dictionary

Please read the introduction to all exercises

Introduction – -The Best Way To Improve Your Vocabulary

Read and learn the following words


P. P. A.————–PINE

1. Create as many 4-word Sentences or Headlines as possible using the letters A. P. A. P. in that order.

2. Create as many 4-word Sentences or Headlines as possible using the letters P P. A. A. in that order.

3. Create as many 6-word Sentences or Headlines as possible using the letters P. P. A. A. P. A. in that order.

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Brain Exercise

W # 092-SentenceW # 092-Sentence

Copyright 2018 Courtney Devonish

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  1. Hi, it is interesting the way humans learn about 5 thousand words in the English language.  I have been trying to learn Chinese for 2 years and I have learned about 700 words from an app on my phone (memrise). 

    I find it takes a lot of repetition to remember new words in a different language and so easy to forget the.

    oops thin speaking is a great way to learn.  Practice speaking with people to really enhance your learning experience. 


    1. Learning Chinese must be a challenge, Years ago I was awarded a 6 month fellowship in Italy, the Tutors spoke no English and I had never spoken a word of Italian, The course in spoken Italian was interesting, absolutely no translation, Try the first exercise and send me some feedback-please


  2. Hello Courtney, I have been learning to speak English language better for the past 2years and I have been making really good improvements in my speaking, all thanks to my teacher and hard work as well. However, this is my first time learning about word switch and it seems really cool trying this things out. With the little test I did from what is here, here seem some improvement already. 


    1. Happy for you, please I could be of assistance. You will be surprised as to how much progress one can achieve, an appreciate expression. Thank you 


  3. Oh thank you, you know it has been a very long while since I saw your post and I can tell that I have almost forgotten all about this technique. It’s. A good thing that I found your post again and I can continue this technique very well. I hope I can go on like this or do I have to start again?


    1. Thank you for revisiting, it is important to follow in sequence; good luck, enjoy.


  4. The English Language is a very simple one but all you need to do is just keep looking for means to better yourself so as to keep meeting up with new words and all. I have been reading the dictionary lately but there is more to reading it, you have to speak as well. I like the word switch which you have given here to help me develop your vocabulary and would add it to how i develop myself.


    1. A rich vocabulary is blessing for those who are descriptive in their spoken word, using the words once they have been learned is good for the soul.Thank you for your appreciation.


  5. It is very good go we can learn a number of words every day and how we do no use all we learn. Your exercise has really helped me and I am even thinking of teaching with what I already know. I ma sure that people will also enjoy learning new words, I mean, who doesn’t want so many words at their disposal.


    1. Thank you, continue  to enjoy and share the exercise.


  6. Hello, thank you for this post on improving English vocabulary. Recently, my wife wants to go to the US suddenly. But, her English is very poor. So do it. I just better than her a little bit. Then we do research online. I hope we can find a way that can improve our vocabulary faster.

    Luckily I landed on your site. I can see you spend a ton of time. One thing there attracts our eyes because you write in a simple way that’s easy to read. You write it step by step so we can follow it easier. It impresses me a lot. It saves us a lot of time. I feel lucky about that. Moreover, I don’t need to research it again. I will follow your tips and hope my English will improve in a short time.

    After reading your post, I think I don’t need to spend more time on other sites and I will share this post with my friends. Thank you so much. I believe your post has helped many people who want to improve their English. Please keep sharing with us.


    1. Thank you for the encouragement, One will be amazed at how many words they never utter . A rich vocabulary is a poetic blessing. i


  7. I find your topic very interesting.  As a young man (I am now 73) I did indeed read the dictionary.  I did not study it the way your game would have required, but I did treat it as a learning experience.  I have always kept a dictionary close at hand when reading.  I found the trick was to challenge myself by reading writers who wrote at a vocabulary level always at the peak of my own vocabulary level.  That way I was always engaged in expanding my vocabulary.  I must say, though, that I am not sure that today’s more casual readers will be as enticed by your topic as myself.  Increasing one’s personal and reading vocabulary beyond a certain minimal level is real work and not something that just happens.  Your topic may draw a following among enthusiasts of vocabulary but may not appeal to a much broader, more general audience.  Alas, I am not convinced that the average person thinks that much about the value of his or her vocabulary skills, much less will be interested in playing your game.  There used to be several very popular word board games (i.e. Scrabble) but I have not Googled their popularity.  Perhaps they remain popular and your topic will find a good niche with them.  Good luck with developing your topic and using it to reach (perhaps, create) a small but dedicated audience that shares your love of the “word” as part of a vocabulary built upon words.


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I am hoping would be writers will find it interesting and teachers, the spoken word is taking a bashing from those little hand held devices.


  8. Working on your English vocabulary is not something that is so hard and difficult so far you know the right way to go about it. Word stitch has been a very interesting and relatively effective means of doing this overtime, I’ve tried it several times and it’s been effective for me. I’ve gained extensively by reading through this article, thanks.


    1. Happy you find the exercise useful, i am hoping teachers will make use of it. Continue to enjoy.


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