Learning Made Easy-the Dictionary 6

Word Stitch an effective system to learn the dictionary and improve your vocabulary.

Read and learn the following words

C. CA. ———–CHAPS


K. Q. X. Y. Z. all Words

Please excuse the repeating of this introduction; I would not like anyone to miss out on the introductory exercises.

When I was a student at Teacher Training College during the sixties,-64 to 67; we were sent out on teaching practice in the various surrounding schools. One of the most important things our Tutors looked for was our -Lesson Plans- A successful lesson needed proper planning, and if you failed teaching practice the entire 3years went up in smoke.

I do not recall if I was ever taught strategically -how to learn the Dictionary- Nor can I recall ever teaching it. Our method for enhancing the vocabulary was mainly by reading and conversation. Word stitch will be used as a tool to grow the vocabulary by learning the dictionary.

Have you ever tried reading the dictionary from cover to cover as you would read a book?, I know I never thought of it until Word Stitch.

The plan is the strategic  reading and studying  of all the words in the alphabet according to  their chronological order to the number of words in each letter. In case you missed it, we have already covered C (5pages),  S (3 pages) and Q. X.Y. Z

Practice makes Perfect

To be good at any sport, you have to practice and train regularly, you can’t expect to win the hundred meters by just walking on to the track and running, neither can you expect to shoot 40 points in a basket ball game ,unless you have prepared yourself properly, the same goes for  sports, cricket, golf, baseball, rugby, tennis, hockey, netball, or any given sport.

Imagine you are preparing for the Word Stitch championship; the next series of lessons will help prepare you for the championship. Some day I would love to see some one sponsor a TV Word Stitch Championship

The last exercise  introduced the letter S, the next letter in line behind C with the highest number of words.

Don’t forget we are reading the dictionary slowly and strategically. Each exercise will incorporate some revision.

If you have not covered the exercises in chronological order, I would like to suggest you do so, If you wish to properly learn the dictionary using this process. Start with Exercise 1.

The process will take time in order to fully benefit form learning the dictionary via word stitch; before we move on to more pages or letters, you are being asked to demonstrate what you have learned so far.

1. Create as many 4 word sentences and headlines from the following letters  C. S. Q. Z.in that order.

Close Sacred Quiet Zone

Six Zebras Cantering Quietly

2. Create as many 4-word sentences and headlines using the letters S. Y. K. X. in any order

3.Create as many 6 word sentences and headlines using the letters C. Y. Z. S. K Q. in any order.

4. One seven-word sentence using the letters C. S. K. Q .X. Y. Z in any order.

Please don’t be shy; share your sentences in the comments section.

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