Learning Made Easy- the Dictionary 3

Word Stitch! an effective way to learn the dictionary and improve your vocabolary.

Q. X. Y. Z



Please forgive me if I use some of the same text to introduce each exercise, but some people might be seeing the exercise for the first time.

When I was a student at Teacher Training College during the sixties, we were sent out on teaching practice in the various surrounding schools. One of the most important things our Tutors looked for was our -Lesson Plans- A successful lesson needed proper planning.

I do not recall if I was ever taught strategically -how to learn the Dictionary- Nor can I recall ever teaching it. Our method for enhancing the vocabulary was mainly by reading and conversation. Word stitch will be used as a tool to grow the vocabulary by learning the dictionary.

Have you ever tried reading the dictionary from cover to cover as you would read a book? I know I never thought of it until Word Stitch.

The plan is for the select reading and studying of words beginning with the letters in the alphabet; we are going to start with the 4 letters with the least number of words in the dictionary, namely Q. X.Y. Z.

Practice makes Perfect

To be good at any sport, you have to practice and train regularly, you can’t expect to win the hundred meters by just walking on to the track and running, neither can you expect to shoot 40 points in a basket ball game unless you have prepared yourself properly, the same goes for sports, cricket, golf, baseball, rugby tennis, hockey or any sport.

Imagine you are preparing for the Word Stitch championship; the next series of lessons will help prepare you for the championship.

Lesson 3

In lesson 1, assuming you followed instructions, you would have learned the words beginning with the letters Q, X. Y. Z. The letter with the least number of words in the dictionary. To learn the dictionary will take patience and constant revision; I am constructing this exercise as if I was back in the classroom as a teacher.

For this lesson, I am adding the letter K. the next in line in numerical order as the Letters with the least number of words

1. Conduct a quick revision of the words you have learnt to begin with Q. X. Y. Z.

2. Read out loud all the words in the dictionary beginning with the letter K.

3. Read the words again at least 2 or three times and try to memorise as many as possible, paying special attention to nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives.

4. The letter C has by far the most pages in the dictionary; I suggest you read and study 6 pages at a time; because of the large number of words beginning with C, the letter will form part of the other exercises introducing new letters in the alphabet. Always read the letters out loud the first time, and then learn them as much as you can by reading them 2 to 3 times.

A. Create as many four word sentences or headlines  using the letters K. Z. Y. C. in that order, and in any order.

mahogany birds by COD

Example Kindly Zap Your Chain.

B. Create as many 6 word sentences and deadlines using the letters C. K. Y. Z. S. X in any order.

After you have conducted the learning process, and completed your sentences; challenge friends to a game. Assuming you have followed the instructions, you should emerge the winner.

Introduce you friends to Word Stitch-Learning Made Easy- the dictionary

Challenge them to another game after they have followed the learning process.

Brain Exercise

Creativity Test # 075-equation

Copyright 2019 Courtney Devonish

May the best man win.

Please help your children learn the dictionary by introducing them to the exercise.

I am an artist/craftsman first and creator of buzz brain exercises second.


  1. LOVE THIS! This is perfect and practice makes perfect is right! Front to back as a kid i was “forced” to read the dictionary. It not only helps you learn but it helps improve your vocabulary not only using words over and over again but using synonyms and finding different ways to be smart! Excellent way to learn and fast! Lots of words are hard to pronounce as well and reading them aloud yes I cant agree more is an excellent way to learn!  Appreciate the read ! Excellent site !


    1. Thank you Trevor, the beauty about the exercise is the fast that you may be able to apply it to most languages with ease; Enjoy your day


  2. Brain exercise we all need it. I dont read often but I play word search in my phone. Practice makes perfect, everything we do we fail most of the time but if we keep doing it over and over we perfect it each time. My kids are older now my two girls hates reading, I give them dictionary, everyday they need to memorize 2 to 3 words and need to tell it to me. Now my oldest daughter read two pocket books in a day, she love watching Korean or Japanese movie series and she basically pick up words until she can speak it, she dont even put the subtitle. Which we all adults cant do it any more. We all need practice to make our brain to be more functional. And your website is one way to do it, a lot to learn and read.


    1. Thank you, have the kids follow the exercises and watch their development, work along with then, it makes it more fun.

      Have fun


  3. Hi Courtney

    When I was a child, I read the dictionary.  I would amaze adults with my vocabulary.  As an adult, I quickly get bored by such an endeavour and fall asleep.  This exercise has given me a good reason to start reading the dictionary and finding words for the ‘three-word sentence’ exercise.  Thanks for the tip.



    1. I am sure one would shock people if they learn the dictionary, I hope people who follow my exercises will challenge others who have not.Thank you Aaron. 

      Best wishes


  4. Love your post so useful especially for kids and frowns ups as well. But I am focusing on my two kids and I k now they need to expand their vocabulary.  Nowadays kids seems to talk in codes and all because social media influence. But I will definitely look into the method tou are suggesting and I am looking forward to seeing more post like this one. We need more educational stuff . Thank you 


    1. Thank you Barbara, Happy to provide it; it’s my way of giving back having given 2 years only after 3 years of free training. Work with the kids and enjoy the fun. Best wishes


    2. Thank you Barbara, It’s a way of giving back. I am a trained teacher, worked 11/2 years as a student teacher and 2 years as a trained teacher, Teacher training was free, now it is time to repay the debt. Happy to do so. Work with the kids and have fun doing it.


  5. I agree that brain exercises are helpful to develop our cognitive skills. However,I never heard of the three word sentence exercise using words from the dictionary.Has this method been used in schools? It certainly will help to increase the vocabulary but please explain how it could help to improve reasoning and logical thinking. Do you believe that this method is helpful for all ages? As a retired person,advanced in age, I am looking for ways to prevent mental decline as I age.


    1. Sorry but I am a retired teacher and never saw the format used, This is a new idea from my 75 year old brain; go ahead Carlos, follow the instructions and surprise your friends with  an enhanced vocabulary, while exercising your brain at the same time. Have fun.


  6. Hello, great educational post you’ve put up. The dictionary is something many people have but never really take time to study. I believe this game is a really great way to get familiar with words. I was once introduced to try it out but I didn’t really like it because I had to learn so many words at the same time. You have convinced me though go try it out again even though the thought of reading the dictionary from cover to cover is really scary.


    1. Thanks for viewing, the interesting aspect of this approach that you don” read cover to cover, you red and learn bit by bit, and by repetition. Have a try and send me some feedback. Best wishes.


  7. What an excellent idea for strengthening ones vocabulary. In this age of all digital, increasing you vocabulary and spelling skills is a lost art. As a 51 year old man who actually has a strange fascination with words, I still find that I have become stunted. And spelling without spell check? How is that even possible. I love technology but it is destroying our minds. I would be willing to bet that you couldn’t even get this approved as part a ciriculam. Incidentally, I had to use spell check for ciriculam! Sad.


    1. Are you sure you used spell check? check again.This exercise is good for any school or college. Have fun.

      Thanks for visiting.


  8. Hi, This is my first time to read about this buzz brain exercise. I remember when I was studying that we keep on repeating on reading a book. It is by repitation that we get to learn and memorize. We get to be familiar with the words by means of repeatitive reading. So that is what I am doing with my daughter now. I am trying to read her books everyday and I obseeved that she memorize the words and stories very well.

    I have not heard this 4 letters with least keywords in the dictionary but I guess i’ll give it a try to my daughter.

    Thank you for sharing this information.


    1. Thank you please give it a try, the exercises are designed  to learn by repetition. Wlll be happy to hear from you after you have tried it with your daughter. Best wishes.


  9. These are interesting exercises.  I always made good use of the dictionary throughout my educational time in school.  When I do not know a word’s meaning I look it  up or now google it.

    This is the first time I have heard of Word Stitch. This definitely takes a commitment to run through the alphabet reading the words.  I agree it is good to read the words out loud to facilitate memory.

    This is a great way for children to increase their vocabulary.  I, myself, am happy learning a new word here and there.  Thanks so much for these valuable insights.


    1. Happy to share, word stitch is the name I created for the exercise; please send me some feedback on your progress.Best wishes.


  10. Wow! This is definitely new to me and I must surely incorporate it into my child’s learning time table, same as mine. We grow everyday and the only thing constant is change. Though I tried making up for my shortage of vocabularies by playing word games and challenges, however, I think this Word stitch would be a greater way to learn the words more in a very interesting way. I can’t wait to get the competition started between I and my son. Thanks for this great information


    1. Thank you, it is a great way to learn the dictionary , something . hat is rarely done in schools. S end me some feedback when you have tried the exercise with your son, there is another exercise on the website, with the letters k X Y Z. the letters number of words beginning with those letters. Have fun.


  11. This is pretty cool. I have to admit I did try to learn words from the dictionary but I started at the beginning; with the As. Needless to say, that did not last very long, LOL. I had no idea that C has the most words so that’s something new I learned there. I do however, like your suggested strategy of starting with the letters Q, X, Y, Z. I never thought about that and these are the letters that have the highest scores for scrabble and other word games, especially Q, X and Z. This is definitely worth a try, especially since it will unveil words that aren’t used in everyday vocabulary. Thanks for the idea! 


    1. Thank you for visiting, I did not know about the high scores for those letters, I spend my time creating rather than playing.Please try to follow the exercises and send me some feedback on your progress, will help me with improvements. Enjoy the rest of the day.


  12. You know, I like the idea behind this, I really do, but I wonder. Is it really a good idea to start out with words
    starting on q,x,y,z? I mean, if you’re going to do all of it anyway, it won’t matter, but in the short term it might
    be better motivation wise for you to master more popular words, since you won’t be using those words often anyway. Just something which occurred to me.


    1. Thank you for your observations; I thought it would be best to get the letters with the least words first and gradually apply the others one by one. also there are words you seldom use in conversations. You are free to do it your way, but you might find this way easier.Go right ahead, Have fun.


  13. Hi, I like the idea of the buzz brain exercise here. It simply reminds of my school days where I was asked to some of the similar exercises. The use of some of the quotation in the blog makes it absolutely perfect and touching. Overall, I like the idea of Practice makes perfect and that is so true to form a habit while practicing. And truly, I will be applying this theory back again in my life. “Practice to gain perfection”- loved it. 


    1. Thank you, repetition is a great learning process   and the exercises offers just that. After you have completed one of the exercises, send me some feedback about the experience. Have fun and learn at the same time.

      Best wishes.


  14. Oh, what an interesting exercise to improve vocabulary and improve creativity in writing. There’s nothing like putting down our phones and picking up a ol’ book these days. Even if it’s a dictionary lol. 

    Now I just need to find some friends that would be interested in playing Word Stitch ­čśŤ 


    1. Please do, the first group I tried word stitch with had a ball, we played for about 4 hours over drinks and snacks.Be sure to report back. Thanking you in advance. 


  15. This is a really great post on how to learn the dictionary, as a child, I was compelled to read books and by that I was able to learn new words and check out their meaning. The world is revolving and more ways are brought up. This one is particularly interesting. I’d definitely try this out with some friends first and see how effective it is. Thanks for the hint.


    1. Thank you, when you do please send me some feedback; it would be very helpful. Have fun.


  16. I learnt English as a second language and as such, I had a lot of difficulties in my earlier years when I got to America because of lack if vocabularies however, I have made diligent efforts to enrich my kids with the best education. This word stitch seems to me to be a very great and fun way to learn the vocabularies of English more and while reading through this post, all that was playing in my head is the sound of the gong that would kick Start the competition in my home. I must surely come out on top as the winner…lol


    1. You should come out the winner if you follow the exercise before  the competition; but please share it after the fact, I hope you will still come out on top. Enjoy. Thank you.


  17. Very Interesting! 

    I think it is a great exercise and of course, you are right, anyone who practices often will become more proficient at what they do. I especially like that you say make a game out of it. We all know that when we play it makes tedious tasks seem less tedious.

    One question, how long should someone expect to take to go through the entire dictionary? 

    Thanks for the new brain exercise. I will give it a shot and hope I can make it all the way through. Well, I guess I better get started!


    1. Yes get started, I really do not know how long, but it will take some time; just try to follow the website.Thanks for visiting.


  18. What a unique approach for expanding vocabulary! Reading words that start with a chosen letter out loud is a great way to ingrain them in the mind and adding the fun of a game to this process would be motivating. Thank You for this post! I will introduce this learning game to my grandchildren some day.


    1. Thank you, you can introduce it to the children first; the process works if you follow the steps as suggested, it is amazing how many words are not in our vocabulary, unless you read the dictionary. Try it at family gatherings.

      Have fun.


  19. I used to carry a small Oxford dictionary during my primary school years and it helped me through many English writing and reading classes. Learning words that I never knew existed thrilled me and it influenced my passion for writing at a very young age. Recently, I discovered a new app on Google called Word Coach. It’s like a word game that becomes more challenging at every level. Really fun to poke around when you have 5 to 10 minutes of free time to spare. 

    You should check it out!


    1. Thank you Cathy, will try to look it up, I like to keep my mind clear when I am creating, It is a form of personal brain exercise. Do you write new words down?


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