Learning The Dictionary Made Easy-8

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Word Stitch

Learning the Dictionary made easy.

Please excuse the repeating of this introduction; I would not like you to miss out on the introductory exercises.

When I was a student at Teacher Training College during the sixties,(64 to 67) we were sent out on teaching practice in the various surrounding schools. One of the most important things our Tutors looked for was our -Lesson Plans- A successful lesson needed proper planning, and if you failed teaching practice the entire 3years went up in smoke.

I do not recall if I was ever taught strategically -how to learn the Dictionary- Nor can I recall ever teaching it. Our method for enhancing the vocabulary was mainly by reading and conversation. Word stitch will be used as a tool to grow the vocabulary by learning the dictionary.

Have you ever tried reading the dictionary from cover to cover as you would read a book? I know I never thought of it until Word Stitch.

The plan is to read and study all the words beginning with the letters in the alphabet. In case you missed it, we have already covered 12 pages of C, 6 pages of S and all pages of K, Q. X. Y. Z.

If you have not completed exercises 1 to 7, perhaps you should complete those exercises before completing this one, or you can complete this exercise, and if you are seriously interested in learning the dictionary, go back and complete all previous exercises.

I have also created a revision exercise. This exercise will introduce three new letters- J. V. O and C because of it’s the letter with the largest number of words in the dictionary.

The learning process will take some time, in order to carefully study the words and their meaning if necessary; then apply a practical technique to demonstrate your success at learning.

The technique is using the game – Word Stitch. A word game that challenges your vocabulary.

Please do not use proper names or places.

First read all the words out aloud, then repeat reading the words silently.

Look up the meaning of any new words, or any word you are unsure of its meaning.

Keep a note book to record all new words, or any words that you feel could be useful in a sentence.

The course is more meaningful if you follow the exercises in chronological order, starting from Exercise 1

Read and study the following words.

J- All pages





1. Create as many four -word sentences or headlines using words beginning with C. J. V. O. in the order the letters are listed.

2. Create as many four-word sentences or headlines, using words beginning with the four letters, but in any order.

Examples-1. Consider jogging, vaulting, oaring.

2. Collect old vintage jaguars.

Brain Exercise


W # 80-sentence

Copyright2019 Courtney Devonish

When I am not designing brain exercises; I am an artist/craftsman, and has been for the past 50 years. Please take a look.



  1. Thanks! This is a great idea to boost your vocabulary and even just for a good brain/memory exercise. I have actually tried reading a dictionary cover to cover. Its different than a story, but stimulating in its own way. I am sure that if I played this game I could learn even more words that I don’t already know. 

    Here are some C,V,O,J sentences…

    Capable of Varying Jumps

    Jumps over Versatile Cables

    Jar of Various Cherries


    1. Thank you, you have done well, and would do a great deal better when you complete the exercise and using new words. Bravo.


  2. Seriously, even in my wildest dream, I could never have thought that learning the dictionary could be this much easy. With each step along the line and following the suggestions and guidelines on this post series, I am developing myself and the word stitches is getting more challenging. Though I am loving it more. I will practise this again and expect the next series. Thanks


    1. Thanks Ramos; share word stitch with friends and family, and have a competition at some time; Good luck. Best wishes.


  3. This is an excellent teaching to all people who want to learn more. The post is more practical and exciting. I recommend that you may continue to write posts like this one and keep repeating some words and sentences in order for people to get more clarity of grammar and construction of words.


    1. Thank you, Word Stitch is the result of almost a year designing, the learning process will be successful once you set a manageable series of lessons that could take months to complete.one should try to make sentences using newly learned words as well as familiar words. Best wishes


  4. I started off with you and I have already missed some letter but I am thinking of going back to them. I just wanted to mention how helpful this exercise has been to me and it has helped me to learn more words. I can say I am an ocean of vocabulary now. Lol. Thanks


    1. Happy to hear, try to record your sentences and see how much you have progressed at a later date; please share some of your sentences in the comments section. Thank you; Blessings.


  5. This is really interesting I must say. I love the way you have decided to learn and develop your vocabulary, and honest reading the dictionary cover to cover isn’t a fun experience I  must confess. I have decided to try mine in O.C. J. V which says Outlined Courses Just Verified. I’ll do more of it in my leisure time, thanks for this post


    1. Thank you, and please post more of your sentences, try some with new words discovered. Best wishes


  6. That’s great idea, I read dictionary before, but I didn’t realize we can read dictionary like that. For my experience, reading the example of the dictionary would also be helpful. The more example you read you would memorize more. And also reading different word form, likes adjective and noun, thank you.


    1. Thank you for visiting, the sentences helps cementing the enhancement of the vocabulary; try it and post some of your sentences. Enjoy.


  7. I absolutely love this!!! I have never even thought about reading the dictionary cover to cover, let alone as a book. This is such a cool idea to keep our minds sharp and adding to our vocabulary. I work with Seniors in assisted living facilities teaching them how to use social media and I can’t help but think that this Word Stitch game could be a huge asset to them and keeping their minds sharp. Is it an app you can use on your phone?

    I would love to participate in these brain exercises. Do you have a link to the first 7 exercises? I’d love to check those out and learn some new words. 

    My 4 words are:
    Cat Jumped Victoriously Oblivious

    Be Blessed,



    1. Thanks Audrey, you can go to buzzbrainexercises.com and see the exercises, no need for an app, but considering it. There are many other brain exercises, some can be challenging; for easier exercises for stimulating the brain for seniors see –aboutdiabetesnstrokes.com– over 100 brain exercises. Just follow the instructions with a note pad in hand. -Victorious cat jumped obliviously-(2) please post some sentences in the comments section, I would love to have a competition one day. Enjoy. Thank you for offering to engage seniors. Blessings.


  8. Hi Courtney

    I tried reading the Dictionary once some years back, but I didn’t stick with it. But after reading your article I might have to give it another try.

    One thing I do always when I’m reading is keep my Dictionary near by whether it’s a physical one or the one on my phone to look up the meaning of words, I come across I don’t understand.  

     Just doing that has helped my vocabulary tremendously. Thank you for such a great article.

    All the best



    1. Thanks Eric; the discovery of the weakness in education inspired word stitch. during my school days no one thought of strategically learning the dictionary. A good vocabulary can create new opportunities.. A note book for new words might be helpful also. Blessings.


  9. This is really educating and helpful post. I like the method you used to enhance  vocabulary. As a student, I have realized that is important to learn new vocabularies every day. Reading a dictionary has been a very difficult task to me. You have helped me understand the easy way to enhance vocabulary through  reading a dictionary. Thank you very much.



    1. Thanks for visiting Baraka, Its not just reading , it’s reading and taking action to boost the learning process.Continue to follow the exercises and please post some of your sentences, especially some with newly learned words. All the best.


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